Monday Update 5/23

Hello mobsters – So begins a new week of crime.

The weekly heist is “Backstage Pass”, where you help out the Godfather by reminding a local rock club who they work for.

August 25th, 2012 @ 06:04:36

Click Here for the heist help forum thread!


  • The number of Rackets you can assist on each day has been increased to 100
  • A “DANGER!” label has been applied to high level hitlist targets. If you see this label, think twice about attacking! Click Here for feedback.

Valentines Day 2016

Hello Mobsters!

For those who are new to Mob Wars, years ago players started a tradition of a no-rules, no-hard-feelings brawl on Valentines Day. The objective here to have as much fun and kill as many players as possible! If you are killed a ton this Friday, this is the reason why. Once SV-Day is over, all is forgiven. In this case, the “real” Valentines day is on a Sunday, so even though the event will not last that long, you should probably expect to be killed a lot all weekend.

With Valentines day falling on a Sunday, we will have to run the SV-Day Massacre a bit early again this year. Starting tonight at midnight PST, the Godfather will kick off the 24 Hour Valentines Day Massacre Event! Similar to past SVDM’s, you will have 24 hours, all day Friday, to meet the 50,000 Kill goal. Hit the goal in time and you will have 24 additional hours to collect 10 Free FP. As with previous years the kill goal is shared globally among all players, and should the goal be reached, the FP reward is available to all players as well.

Good luck!

PS – As a side note, we will also add a “Happy Valentines Day!” in-game message that will be available over the weekend.

Have any feedback for discussion on this topic? Visit the forums here.

Minor Mobile Updates 12/28/15

Hello mobsters! Some minor bug fixes and updates went out for the mobile version of Mob Wars today. Most of these updates were small usability/bug fixes, however one feature mobile users have needed for a long time has been added!

Your mob career stats are now viewable on your mobile device. To see your stats, tap on “My Mob” from the home page, and then look for the “Stats” tab next to “Upgrade” and “Arming” up at the top.

More updates coming up in 2016! If you have any feedback, please let us know at

Facebook Issues 9/28/14

Hey everyone – You all probably noticed that Facebook went down earlier today platform wide. These outages are usually resolved by Facebook within minutes, so we just sat tight. However, it now looks like Facebook is back up but there are still some issues they are working though.

Mob Wars should be 100% fine once Facebook sorts out this issue. You can keep track of their progress here:…2802420085278/

4th of July Sale! New Message Contest!

Hello Mobsters! The Godfather wishes all his American friends a safe and happy 4th of July weekend.  To help celebrate, he has opened a sale on Godfather items and refills! This sale ends Monday.

The Godfather would also like to see some new communication between mobsters. Click here to enter the new message contest in the forums. If your message is selected, you could win FP!