Missing Anything?

IMPORTANT: Recently, players have been reporting what appears to be lost game progress.  This could mean missing mob members, boss battles being reset to level 1, or job progress in your cities being set back.  If this happens to you, do not worry! Your data is NOT gone.

Just send the Godfather a message at support@metamoki.com with your Mob Code and he will fix up your account. In the meantime, the Godfather will search for a solution to this problem. Thank you for your patience Mobsters!

Boss Fix and Profile Update

Hello mobsters!  The Godfather made some updates today that you should know about:

- The bug that was “clearing” the Boss Battles for some players should now be fixed. If your boss battles are still incorrect, please let me know as I may need to clear your cache.

- Profile pages now only load a few items at a time. This should help reduce loading time pretty drastically for players that have hundreds of items.

If you have any trouble with these changes or notice any problems, please click here and let us know!




UPDATE: Server Trouble 3/27/14

Attention Mobsters -

We are currently experiencing some server trouble and downtime. We are working to get everything running again as quickly as possible. The Godfather apologizes for this incident! Thank you for your patience.

If you see an error message that looks like a wall of text, please DO NOT POST IT on any public forum or chat.

EDIT – The game is now back online and should be running normally. We will continue to monitor the game. If you have any problems, please send us an email at mobwars.support@metamoki.com.

New: Mobster Mission!

Hello Mobsters -

The Godfather has launched a new feature today called a “Mobster Mission.” For these missions, you will be given a goal to achieve within a certain period of time. If you hit the goal, you will earn rewards!  The goal target will be different for every player, and can be based on different factors.

This is a new area of interest for the Godfather, so if you have any feedback on the Mobster Mission idea please let us know. More creative goals and cooler rewards will be in the future if all you Don’s decide it could be a good venture. Thanks!

Update: Gifting Expiration

Over the past few days the Godfather has been focusing efforts on game efficiency. A very large amount of work has been done behind the scenes to make the system that runs Mob Wars more effective. One system in the game that has traditionally caused issues in the past, Gifting, has been an important area of focus in this effort. With the ability to store unlimited gifts, the game had to store a massive amount of information. Many of these gifts were being sent to, and stored by, inactive players. A secondary issue was that some players were spammed gifts that they could not or did not want to use, which prevented them from being able to collect the ones they wanted.

From now on, all unused requests will expire after 30 days. This will allow active players to continue along normally, while at the same time ensuring that the game can run more smoothly for everyone. Gifting sending and accepting rates are remaining the same.

The Godfather thanks you for your understanding as he streamlines his operation.