New Raid: Yakuza + Critical Hit

Hello Mobsters –
The Godfather has released a new raid: Yakuza! This raid is similar to past raids in most ways, with one major difference! This raid has a new “Critical Hit” damage boost.   Each time you reach your damage goal, you will now earn a crate AND the raid boss will take a huge extra chunk of damage.


The purpose of this extra damage is to help give lower level players a chance to contribute more to the overall fight.  Hitting your damage goal earns you a crate and it helps out your raid group, even if you are not dealing much regular damage with your normal attack!

If you have any feedback, questions, or notice any bugs with this new addition to raids, please [Click Here] to visit the forums and leave a comment. Thank you!

New Raid: Narcos

The Godfather has released a new raid: Narcos! These kingpins have muscled in and are stealing business from the Godfather, earning them cash and influence.  Get your crew together to take out the Narcos to earn powerful new items!

As with previous raids, you can invite up to 10 mobsters to help you take out the raid boss. For updates and questions about raids, please [Click Here] for more info.

New Raid: The Syndicate

Hello mobsters!

The Godfather wanted to release the next raid early, so The Syndicate is now available to fight! This shadow government aims to control the world, and they have set their sights on you! Take them out to earn powerful new items.



This raid functions the same as past raids, however there are two important differences this time:
– Raid boss HP has been increased. The Syndicate is tough!
– To compensate, your raid party can include up to 15 people for extra firepower.

The increased party size is intended to give you more room to add friends and hopefully decrease the impact of players who join and do not help fight.

If you have any questions or feedback, [Click Here] to let us know!

Update: Profile Options

Hello Mobsters –

The Godfather has added a few extra options to help you manage privacy on your Mob Wars profile page.  You can now hide your FB profile picture and your mob link by clicking on the “Hide Profile Pic” and “Hide Profile Link” links on your profile page.


In addition, a “Mute Message” option has been added so that you can hide in-game messages from other players if you find those to be annoying or spammy.

Any of these options can be toggled on or off at any time with no penalty or cost.

If you have any feedback or questions on these profile page changes, please [Click Here] and let us know!

New Raid: Shadows

The Godfather has released a new Raid: Shadows!  These assassins will take you out if your party isn’t ready, so be sure to group up with your friends and family before taking the fight public.  Active members will be more successful!


As with previous Raids, Shadows will drop 6 new items.  The higher your raid level, the better the items.

If you have any questions or feedback on the Raid, please [Click Here] to let us know. Thanks!

Update: New Raid + Sale

Hello mobsters! The Godfather has just released a new raid boss: The Sidewinder.


She’s just as tough as earlier raid bosses, so be sure to join an active raid party with your friends and family! It’s important that every raid member contributes to the fight.

As with previous bosses, Sidewinder drops 6 potential items and you’ve got 24 hours to take her out.  If you’re lucky you can earn her bike, a rare vehicle item!

If you have any feedback on this raid, please [Click Here] to let us know. Thanks!

The Godfather has also activating his “Godfather Match” sale to double your first FP purchase.  Remember, this only applies to your FIRST purchase, so choose carefully!

Sale: Godfather Match

Hello Mobsters – The Godfather has introduced a new style of sale called “Godfather Match”.  When you make any FP purchase, the Godfather will match it and double the number of FP you are awarded.

This only applies to ONE purchase! Any additional purchases will award the normal number of FP.

This is a new style of sale for us and for the game, so if you have any feedback or questions, please [Click Here] and let us know what you think.