Mob Wars Migration to iFrame

For the past few weeks, the Mob Wars team has been going through the process of converting large amounts of Mob Wars code to a new format in order to comply with new standards set forth by Facebook. Mob Wars has now been converted into an “iframe” application. Early on Tuesday morning, we took the game offline to finalize this change. Even though not much has changed visually, there have been massive changes behind the scenes to how the game works. The good news is that with this now out of the way, we can now work on changes that will have more of an effect on the game itself.

So, what does this update mean? The way Mob Wars communicates with Facebook and your browser is now different than it was before. You will notice the following changes to the game in the future:

– These updates lay the groundwork that will give us the ability to add new features and content to the game that were previously impossible to accomplish.
– Friend invites, wall posts, and gifting will be improved and made simpler.
– Scripting and Automated play severely reduced
– Now able to integrate Facebook Credits (Coming soon!)

– old toolbars will no longer work, they will require updates to function.
– account transfers no longer possible (any account which was transferred previously will still work correctly)
– temporary increase in bugs. We will get these fixed as they are reported. (please report any bugs here:

Other Changes:
– The way in which Facebook sends out application requests has changed. Now, you can sort friends by all friends, friends who play Mob Wars, or friends who do not play Mob Wars. (Click image below to enlarge)

– Mob Wars no longer needs to reload the entire FB page when you change between the pages in the game.

2 responses to “Mob Wars Migration to iFrame

  1. how about leaving the game alone or add some new cities from a daily player soon might not be playing anymore

  2. I have to say the new changes have made it much more difficult to play. I frequently used to refresh the page I was on since the time limit for cash, health, energy, and stamina will reset and show incorrect information. Now I can no longer do that because the iFrames won’t update the location bar when I click on a link.

    In addition, after I’ve clicked a link, my up and down arrows no longer work on my keyboard until I’ve clicked back into the screen. This is very inconvenient since I play on my laptop and have become very accustomed to navigating without always using the touchpad on my laptop.

    I don’t know if there are solutions to these problems, but these problems are a big pain in the ass for me.

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