Heist Art Roundup

The Mob Wars art team puts a lot of effort into making the art for boss battles and heists, and it is not always an easy process!  Most art starts out with a cartoon-like sketch (seen below) and slowly evolves into a detailed and polished piece.  Each image gets scrutinized, and redrawn if needed, to make it fit with the theme we are trying to go for.  The following images are all preliminary art for heists we have released in the past.  Enjoy!

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Sneak Peek Line-Up

We’ve been working on a few things… Here’s a sneak peek at the preliminary testing for a string of new game content.  These features are still being tested, so these images are not guaranteed to be what you will see down the road when they are released!  Some of these are still in the early stages, so lots of changes are still likely to take place.  Enjoy!

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Bugs and Bosses!

Facebook has been having some very serious troubles in the past two days, and Mob Wars players are seeing the effects.  For most people, these bugs cut the game in half and prevent you from being able to see the whole game.  For those who play in IE8, they receive a message that Mob Wars is trying to install a file to their computer (which is not true).  As of the time of this posting, both of these bugs are still active, you can check out Facebook’s progress on them here and here.  Hopefully it will be sorted out soon!  As a temporary solution, you may see a secondary scroll bar next to Mob Wars that we have added to allow you to scroll up and down.

In other news, the art team has been sketching out MORE possible bosses for release in the future.  Check out this art for the ambiguously named “Military Dude” boss! (Click image to enlarge).

Artist: Thomas Garbarini

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