Bugs and Bosses!

Facebook has been having some very serious troubles in the past two days, and Mob Wars players are seeing the effects.  For most people, these bugs cut the game in half and prevent you from being able to see the whole game.  For those who play in IE8, they receive a message that Mob Wars is trying to install a file to their computer (which is not true).  As of the time of this posting, both of these bugs are still active, you can check out Facebook’s progress on them here and here.  Hopefully it will be sorted out soon!  As a temporary solution, you may see a secondary scroll bar next to Mob Wars that we have added to allow you to scroll up and down.

In other news, the art team has been sketching out MORE possible bosses for release in the future.  Check out this art for the ambiguously named “Military Dude” boss! (Click image to enlarge).

Artist: Thomas Garbarini

Let us know what you think!

One response to “Bugs and Bosses!

  1. Hi. I didn’t notice any of these issues listed. I am using Google Chrome. However, I am having some issues with recruiting. I cannot invite anyone to join my mob. The link doesn’t work. Also, when people invite me to join their mob via facebook requests, it says I am now a member of their mob but they don’t get added to mine. The only way the add on to my mob is if they use my recruitment link on my homepage. Any ideas what may be wrong? I don’t have 1001 members yet only 834. Please advise.

    p.s. still love the game.

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