Miyoko has Arrived!

Our newest boss, Miyoko, has arrived on the scene!

Besides dropping better loot and being more difficult to defeat, Miyoko is a little different from other bosses because of her drop items.  All of Miyoko’s drop items are superior to the bosses before her.  Her vehicle (Miyoko’s Strider) has a higher defense than Xavier’s Bently, her sword beats The Duchess’s rifle, and her fan beats Mickey Mongrels pitbulls.  Because all three of these items are superior, they drop at much higher levels.  Also, because the Strider and the Sword are limited by the boss level, earning them does not completely negate the progress you have already made on previous bosses.  Miyoko’s Fan will, however, serve as a replacement for Mickey’s Pitbulls.  The difference is that you will have to work a little harder to get there.

We hope you like fighting Miyoko! Please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

Update: New Requests

Hello Mobsters!

As more and more requests are being sent between players, it can be very frustrating to keep going back and forth between the Facebook “games” page and Mob Wars, refreshing multiple times to accept each individual request.  We have just added a “Requests” page to Mob Wars that should make this whole process a lot easier.  To check it out, the first thing you need are some friends.  Once you have friends, have them send you some requests (top mob, gifts, mob invites)!

You will see the new requests tab here:

If you have pending requests to accept, you will see something like this:

So, just click on each request to accept! If you don’t want to accept a request, hover your mouse over the collect link and you will see a red “x” show up on the far right.  Click the “x” to delete a request.  This is the very first iteration of the requests page, so there is always room for improvement in the future.  Please let us know what you think about the requests page!

Top Mob: Update

Buongiorno Mobsters! Today, we released an update to the “Top Mob” feature that significantly changes how you invite your friends.  Before, when you wanted to fill your Top Mob, you would post a general feed to your wall that anyone could see (even people who were not interested!).  Now, the Top Mob invites have been changed so that you can directly select who you want to be in your Top Mob.  When you click to recruit new Top Mob members, you will see a Facebook request window that works just like a friend invite!  It will look like this:

This way, you can avoid sending Top Mob invites to your friends who are not interested, and instead only contact your Mob Wars friends.  Or, if you don’t want to bother your friends at all (or if you don’t have friends…) you can simply buy each Top Mob position for 4 FP.  Positions that have been filled by normal friend invites and positions that have been filled by a purchase will look slightly different, but all benefits are the same.

Please note that Favor Points are NOT required to fill your Top Mob positions! The option to buy the positions is there for players who either do not have enough friends or who do not want to send out any invites.  Also, instead of a one-click-and-you’re-done wall post, you now have to select who you want to invite individually. For people with large mobs, this could be annoying. We are hoping to add an “Invite all” option for this, but that will be dependent on what Facebook allows for this kind of wall post. The good news is that once you send out your invites, you do NOT have to send out a new batch of invites for each Top Mob position. Anyone who responds to your original request will be added to the next available Top Mob position, just as before this change.
If you have any questions or comments about this change, please leave a comment!  Thanks for reading!