Miyoko has Arrived!

Our newest boss, Miyoko, has arrived on the scene!

Besides dropping better loot and being more difficult to defeat, Miyoko is a little different from other bosses because of her drop items.  All of Miyoko’s drop items are superior to the bosses before her.  Her vehicle (Miyoko’s Strider) has a higher defense than Xavier’s Bently, her sword beats The Duchess’s rifle, and her fan beats Mickey Mongrels pitbulls.  Because all three of these items are superior, they drop at much higher levels.  Also, because the Strider and the Sword are limited by the boss level, earning them does not completely negate the progress you have already made on previous bosses.  Miyoko’s Fan will, however, serve as a replacement for Mickey’s Pitbulls.  The difference is that you will have to work a little harder to get there.

We hope you like fighting Miyoko! Please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

3 responses to “Miyoko has Arrived!

  1. I enjoy the mob boss battle beta… im currently on miyoko lvl 2… but her health keeps resetting to 25000. She starts with 112000 and i have currently hit her over double damage. What can I do to reset this fight or fix it?
    Power Attacks: 18
    Attacks: 17
    Damage Dealt: 231237

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