Bug Fixes and Patch Notes: 8/30/11

Here is a quick rundown of bugs and other issues we have been fixing over the past two weeks (among many other things behind-the-scenes):

– Restyled gifting page.
– “Old” style energy boosts phased out
– Players now required to be in each others mobs in order to help each other on jobs.
– Item stats added to gifting page
– “Reset” option removed from frozen accounts
– Achievement for Medellin added

– fixed bug where players only saw a grey screen when opening gifting page
– fixed glitch where incorrect stamina levels were being gifted
– fixed bug which allowed multiple gifts to be sent in error
If you have any questions, comments, or would like to discuss, please post below or visit us in the forums.

New Gifting!

Hello Mobsters-

Today, we updated the gifting system in Mob Wars.  Instead of navigating around a series of hidden pages in order to send gifts that really didn’t matter very much, we have put all available gifts on their own page that pops up when you click the “gifting” tab.  You may have noticed that these gifts have higher stats than the old ones, and that we have included energy, stamina, health, and cash as gift types.  Energy, stamina, and health boosts are all set to a 10% boost.  The number of gifts (all types) that you can send is unlimited, but you ARE RESTRICTED in the number of gifts you can ACCEPT per day.  You can accept up to 10 energy boosts, 10 stamina boosts, 10 health boosts, 10 cash boosts, and 10 regular items per day.  So in total, you can collect up to 50 gifts per 24 hours.

Check out the screenshot of the new gifts below, and please visit our forums to discuss this update! Thanks!

Welcome to Medellin!

Mob Wars has a brand new city, now available to be conquered! This means that there are a new list of jobs to complete and also a whole new group of properties to purchase!  These jobs will take a little bit longer than older cities to get through, but they all have high payouts to make up for their high energy cost.  This release does not include any new rackets or heists.  Check out the city below and let us know what you think! Please post any comments you have below, or click here to discuss in the Mob Wars Forums!

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