New Gifting!

Hello Mobsters-

Today, we updated the gifting system in Mob Wars.  Instead of navigating around a series of hidden pages in order to send gifts that really didn’t matter very much, we have put all available gifts on their own page that pops up when you click the “gifting” tab.  You may have noticed that these gifts have higher stats than the old ones, and that we have included energy, stamina, health, and cash as gift types.  Energy, stamina, and health boosts are all set to a 10% boost.  The number of gifts (all types) that you can send is unlimited, but you ARE RESTRICTED in the number of gifts you can ACCEPT per day.  You can accept up to 10 energy boosts, 10 stamina boosts, 10 health boosts, 10 cash boosts, and 10 regular items per day.  So in total, you can collect up to 50 gifts per 24 hours.

Check out the screenshot of the new gifts below, and please visit our forums to discuss this update! Thanks!

8 responses to “New Gifting!

  1. It would be great if I could send some gifts to my fellow mobsters. Click gift, the screen darkens a little bit, and then……. Wait for it……. Nothing happens. I have tried on 3 different computers with the same result. My friend can send gifts from any one of these three computers so it is not on my end. Is it possible I am on a bad server? I know others that have the same problem are out there.

  2. why have you messed up the game from a working one to a non working one.. i cannot send or request or accept gifts, boosts, or energy, when i click on the app the main page comes up then flips on to a messed up one where u cannot scroll or accept or send, i then ave to press the shitty tab on the top right of the screen to get into the game… surely you should test somthing before you release it?.

    also the stoopid get 10 god father point for participating in it says ive already claimed those point’s when i have not, and also when i reach the next level… it says u have recieved a point which i havent.

    i doubt you’ll reply or fix the game as your too busy jumping ahead releasing stuff that doesnt work!.

    • Thank you for letting us know about this! I apologize for sending a pre-set message, but we will need more information before we can accurately determine the problem. Please bear with us!
      – Which internet browser do you use (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
      – What operating system do you use?
      – Can you reliably repeat this error by taking certain actions, or is it random?
      – Are you getting any kind of error message? (If so, please include)
      – Finally, if you have any screen shots of this occurring (if applicable) they could be very helpful! Step-by-step instructions on how to take a screen shot can be found here:

      Thank you!

  3. since the ‘switch over’ i’ve not been able to send more than three to five gifts at a time. a message comes up ‘an error has occurred in mob wars’. after three or four tours of gifting three gifts the ‘an error has occurred in mob wars’. this is really frustrating – it seems almost random at times. i don’t mind the restrictions on gifts we can accept but surely you can do better at allowing people to give gifts – you’re really dumping on what is one of the more positive aspects of the game. please reconsider whatever decision you came to that allows this random and ‘back door’ restrictions on giving – it’s just dumb.

  4. when trying to gift to multiple mob member i get ‘an error has occured’ dialogue box, which is framed in a facebook banner.

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