Bug Fixes and Patch Notes: 8/30/11

Here is a quick rundown of bugs and other issues we have been fixing over the past two weeks (among many other things behind-the-scenes):

– Restyled gifting page.
– “Old” style energy boosts phased out
– Players now required to be in each others mobs in order to help each other on jobs.
– Item stats added to gifting page
– “Reset” option removed from frozen accounts
– Achievement for Medellin added

– fixed bug where players only saw a grey screen when opening gifting page
– fixed glitch where incorrect stamina levels were being gifted
– fixed bug which allowed multiple gifts to be sent in error
If you have any questions, comments, or would like to discuss, please post below or visit us in the forums.

16 responses to “Bug Fixes and Patch Notes: 8/30/11

  1. Having issues when collecting bounties. The page is more white and not a standard Mob Wars page. Bounties and funds are being posted and collected, but it seems to be a bug on the page.

  2. Bob, i see you took away the Ferrari gift, WHY ?…i mean, most players that exploited the glitch have maxed out on them, and the rest of us with 4 to 6 are left helpless…its a little unfair dont you think ?

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