Fixes/Patch Notes: 9/19/11

Here is a quick rundown of bugs and other issues we have been fixing over the past two weeks (among many other things behind-the-scenes):


  • Gift return limited to 1 per item. (Can only “send back” an item once)
  • Gift accept for Stamina boosts limited to 2 per day.
  • New Boss, El Patron added
  • Fix for missing Pawn Shop cards put in place
  • Cash won and lost from normal fights limited to 70k and 100k, respectively.
  • Blacklist increased to 8 available spots
  • Blacklist cost reduced to 4 FP

Bug Fixes

  • Loophole with gifting closed
  • Whitescreen error after claiming hitlist bounty fixed
  • El Patron achievement fixed
  • TOS page now functional

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to discuss, please post below or visit us in the forums.

Premium Items “Removed”

Hey everyone-

Small, but notable update today. The premium items which for so long have been displayed on the home page have now been removed. This MAY be a temporary change, but we very much hope that the items can stay off the home page for good.  So, scrolling down to your feed should be a bit easier now! The faster you get to your feed, the faster you can add that other guy to the hitlist before they can rig you!   If you have any opinions about this change, please let us know.


New Boss: El Patron

Hey there Mobsters-

We just launched a new boss to coincide with Medellin, and his name is “El Patron.” This boss fight is similar to other bosses, but he is of course tougher and his drop items are superior to previous bosses. We hope you enjoy this character and like fighting him! Let us know what you think!

Labor Day Brawl!

Hey Mobsters-
This weekend, all of your kills are being tallied up for the “Labor Day Brawl” event! When the total number of kills reaches 100k, all players can click on the link to collect 10 favor points! The real prize, however, is the chance to go on a guilt-free killing spree.  For more information and discussion, visit our forums. Thanks!