New Boss: El Patron

Hey there Mobsters-

We just launched a new boss to coincide with Medellin, and his name is “El Patron.” This boss fight is similar to other bosses, but he is of course tougher and his drop items are superior to previous bosses. We hope you enjoy this character and like fighting him! Let us know what you think!

5 responses to “New Boss: El Patron

  1. second and third Gift is way too far out of reach, im a level 5903, and can only manage 125 of the first drop items….the higher players will be having a field day with this…the rest of us “normal daily players” will be left further behind AGAIN….everything you introduce at the moment is geared around the higher levels.

  2. weak…….almost not worth doing……….other than for achievement………drop weapons weak…….there needs to be special bosses for higher levels to do that creates a real challenge with useful weapons.

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