Fixes/Patch Notes: 9/19/11

Here is a quick rundown of bugs and other issues we have been fixing over the past two weeks (among many other things behind-the-scenes):


  • Gift return limited to 1 per item. (Can only “send back” an item once)
  • Gift accept for Stamina boosts limited to 2 per day.
  • New Boss, El Patron added
  • Fix for missing Pawn Shop cards put in place
  • Cash won and lost from normal fights limited to 70k and 100k, respectively.
  • Blacklist increased to 8 available spots
  • Blacklist cost reduced to 4 FP

Bug Fixes

  • Loophole with gifting closed
  • Whitescreen error after claiming hitlist bounty fixed
  • El Patron achievement fixed
  • TOS page now functional

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to discuss, please post below or visit us in the forums.

12 responses to “Fixes/Patch Notes: 9/19/11

  1. its nice to see the bugs fixed…but this all stinks of mass fraud, when you let this go on for long enough for the big boys in the game to exploit ALL the loop holes in the game to the max…the ferrari glitch…the duffel bag glitch…the gifting glitch….the HG glitch….it all stinks if you ask me…no reply required Bob, as its quite clear you dont give a rats arse about the game.

  2. Thank you for leaving your feedback! It will always take us longer to fix a glitch than it will for players to find and exploit it. All we can do, beyond preventing glitches in the first place, is to respond as quickly as possible.

  3. I have noticed that 2 of the properties from Medallin have disappeared……..
    Military Compound and Corrupt Bank. I spent a lot of money on these and i can see it affected my hourly income and no cash was put back into my cash flow that i had spent. Wondering whats going on with it?

  4. when are you going to sort out the accounts who have more than MAX Mob ?….if your not going to put every one down to 2004 at least allow the rest of us to match them with 2010 or 2012 Mobs…and also, why are you not bringing back the Ferrari ?…most players have maxed out on them, at least give us that didnt exploit the glitch the chance to get some…even if it is only 10 per day…play fair Bob..and balance the game out for everyone….this is not on mate.

  5. i find it peculiar that facebook informs me that someone has sent me a request, yet it takes an eternity to show up on the mobwars request sheet. whydat?

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