Extended Stockpile Items Released!

Hello Mobsters –

The additions to the stockpile which we have been discussing both in the Forums and in this Blog have now been released game-wide.  In addition to the previous updates mentioned in this forum post, we have also fixed an issue where players could not see the items which were incurring upkeep.  Now, if you own ANY of the items which were released, they will now appear in your stockpile even if you do not meet the level requirements to unlock them.  So, if you need to get rid of upkeep, you are now able to sell these items (if you have further concerns on this point, please email us at mobwars.support@metamoki.com and I will help you resolve any issues).  Thank you for your patience on this, and enjoy the extended item list!  Please feel free to leave your feedback either here or in the Forums, we would love to hear from you!

One response to “Extended Stockpile Items Released!

  1. I like it but you should make 2 items in each category with lop-sided stats like the truck with 50defence but instead maybe give it 100 defence and increase the upkeep by a LOT and limit it to a 1,000 just like you have done so people will still do bosses as well.

    This will then give a clean cut 2 route option where you could be a weak player with a big bounty or a strong player with a big bounty but HUGE Upkeep along side your skill point placement and if you wanted to be both you’d have to have a gigantic bounty and it would also solve the issue with so much money in circulation.

    I just wish you tried this hard before i give my account away along side 90% of mw.

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