Mob Wars has Gone Mobile

Buon pomeriggio Mobsters.  We are happy to announce that Mob Wars is now available on both iOS and Android devices! Mob Wars mobile is the exact same game as Mob Wars on Facebook, and uses the same database. This means that you can play the same account on your phone as you do on Facebook. Right now, MW-Moble is a simplified version of MW-Facebook. There are no heists or rackets to keep track of, but all of the core gameplay mechanics are still there. Please let us know what you think of the mobile version of the game! Check out the links below to install the mobile version of MW for your phone:

Mob Wars for iPhone –> Click Here

Mob Wars for Android –> Click Here



15 responses to “Mob Wars has Gone Mobile

  1. Played it on my iPad, enjoyed the way requests could be sent back without having to exit out and come back again. If you could work that for the computer version people might send more gifts back.

  2. I cannot always attack in battlearena. It seems to have a time delay ? The following links don’t work, Black Market, Gifts, Requests, and Godfather Points’

    • Do you use the Opera browser? There are currently issues with Opera that prevent the game from working correctly. If not, try clearing your browsers cache (this helps resolve some issues as well). If you still have trouble, please let me know and we can get into more detailed support for you. Thank you!

      • Definitely not using opera sure hope I don’t need to change browsers, such a pain to use facebook apps when they don’t work all of a sudden.

      • Its something very specific because even if I click on notifications that are outside the app it won’t bring me to energy sent to me, cash sent to me as gifts. I can click on my healing and heal and I can click on my level to upgrade points, I just can’t get to grandfather or gifts requests even if I go to notification window of facebook. There is a change in the software language. My sense is the new program is geared towards shutting out computers it wants to spend cellphone minutes.

    • Resolved the issue upgraded Adobe Flashplayer although there was no indication that I needed to that is what fixed the problem

  3. Hey, just wondering if this is ever going to be downloadable for nokia’s? I have an N8 and would play alot more if i could on the move, but atm i cant 😦

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