A New City and a New HUD!

Hello Mobsters, we just launched two major game updates to Mob Wars!

The first one you will notice is a brand new “HUD” (heads up display) above the game.  All of the normal links are still there, but we moved the Black Market, Gifting, and Requests over to the right hand side of the screen.  If you click on your stats, you will be linked to their associated page.  For example, if you click on your health you will open up the hospital, and if you click on your cash you will open up the bank.  Learn more and discuss here, in the forums. Seen below is a screenshot of my HUD.

The next big news is a brand new city, DC!  DC is the largest city we have ever released, and offers more rewards than any previous city.  It is a tough city, but you earn some truly powerful items along the way. There are a LOT of new changes in this city though, so be sure to check up on the new city thread in the forums to learn more and leave your feedback!

Update: New friends, new requests!

Hello mobsters-

We have updated two new features today which should make sending and receiving requests and gifts from your friends much easier.  The first update is to the requests page itself.  As you can see in the screenshot below, it is very common to receive multiple gifts and requests from a single player. This used to mean that your requests page would be flooded with tons of requests you couldn’t necessarily use.  Now, all of your gifts are separated by type.  By clicking on the tabs, you can easily sort through and select what you need.  This should remove a lot of headache around requests.

The second thing we updated was the actual Friend Selector, where you clicked on the pictures of friends who you wanted to send requests to.  This page has been simplified to a list format, seen below.  You can quickly click on your friends names and they will be automatically added to your “send to” list.  This makes sending requests to large groups of friends much easier than it was before. Please, let us know what you think!

                                  (Player last names removed in this screenshot)

For a complete list of changes and further discussion on these changes, head to our forums and leave your feedback! Thank you.