A New City and a New HUD!

Hello Mobsters, we just launched two major game updates to Mob Wars!

The first one you will notice is a brand new “HUD” (heads up display) above the game.  All of the normal links are still there, but we moved the Black Market, Gifting, and Requests over to the right hand side of the screen.  If you click on your stats, you will be linked to their associated page.  For example, if you click on your health you will open up the hospital, and if you click on your cash you will open up the bank.  Learn more and discuss here, in the forums. Seen below is a screenshot of my HUD.

The next big news is a brand new city, DC!  DC is the largest city we have ever released, and offers more rewards than any previous city.  It is a tough city, but you earn some truly powerful items along the way. There are a LOT of new changes in this city though, so be sure to check up on the new city thread in the forums to learn more and leave your feedback!

26 responses to “A New City and a New HUD!

  1. Why can’t I bring up my requests? With the intro of this new format and city, I can’t open up my requests, black market or gifting to get them. Looks good if it would only work

  2. The blackmarket, requests and gifting pop ups don’t work in Opera now ….. It’s my browser of preference …. Will this be corrected?

    • Opera currently does not work correctly, so for the time being you will have to use a different browser! Opera accounts for an extremely small percentage of our users, but we will look into this! Thank you for your patience.

      • I use internet explorer and I have the same problems, also I cant buy any city properties or recruit for top mob positions either.

      • We just pushed an update which should fix the issues you are having in IE. Please let us know if you still have any trouble loading any parts of the game! Thank you for your patience while we resolve these bugs, and we hope you enjoy the new content.

  3. The new HUD sucks. It looks like some stupid zynga setup. Also, why is there no direct link to the hospital on the fight page?

    • We are sorry you do not like the look of the new setup, but we hope that the more modern look will be appealing to new players, or those familiar with other games. Mob Wars will always be Mob Wars 🙂

      The hospital link is still in the HUD. You need to click on your health in the upper right hand corner of the screen (your health is now a link) to bring up the hospital page.

  4. We need the timers back, where we can see when cash drops/stam.
    Fix the Android phone app now that you have made these changes.
    Max job after level 26 in DC should be all MAX not just a line max which requires many clicks.
    Fix the cash amount: never updates till you refresh screen, can buy property and nothing changes till you refresh. (really sucks)
    Really hate DC’s layout. I sure hope Rio will be better.

  5. Why can’t I bring up my requests? With the intro of this new format and city, I can’t open up my requests, black market or gifting to get them. I use Internet Explorer

  6. Why can’t I bring up my requests? With the intro of this new format and city, I can’t open up my requests, black market or gifting to get them.
    P.S. I don’t have Opera, I have Internet Explorer.

  7. The new HUD does not maintain an accurate display. After I deposit funds into the bank, the cash readout remains the same.

    Health levels are not reflected correctly. The HUD will show I have almost full health, and if I go to attack someone, I find my health is really too low.

    I also miss the clocks telling when the next infusion of funds or the next increase in stamina would occur.

  8. 1 minute ago:
    You have just earned the Senator X Achievement and have been rewarded with 100 Skill Points. See All of Your Achievements. [delete]

    The Senator
    Battle Level 2001

    OK Bob…..whats next?

  9. I like the idea Bob…but way too many issues here…cant do anything in Chrome…cant even force attack on the fight lists…you really need to sort out the problems, and fast…as Worlds end is getting more and more of my attention lately.

  10. I’m running Firefox, and every time I click on a boss battle, it goes to the DC Collection advertisement, and I’m not allowed to fight the boss. It was working 1 hour ago, but now it doesn’t… I even rebooted my computer and still the same problem

  11. Stop with this madness and all these changes. Its all broken and broken looking. If i wanted to play Mafia Wars, I would, hence that game sux and every other zynga game sucks. Clearly they are losing users, which is why that stupid company was downgraded by investment firms before the dumb stock went public and once it did, that stupid stock went lower right off the bat. So remind me why you want to mimick their stupid games.

    Your game was great like a year and half ago… it wasnt all broken and funny looking. Im tired it looking like cosa nostra and mafia wars. Now every change you make, you have unintended consequence and its completely annoying.

    Thanks for hearing me out. Please make meaningfull changes, I know that is asking a lot!

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