New Crates and DC Unlock Requirements

Hey everyone! In addition to numerous bug fixes, today we launched two new updates to Mob Wars.  The first is the addition of “Mystery Containers”, a new type of item in the Black Market.  Despite the name, these containers are not very mysterious. Each crate contains 3 items, ranging in rarity (and power) from common to rare.  When you buy a crate, you will earn one of these items.  Rare items pack a punch! Seen below is a screenshot of the ‘Weapon Crate” items (there is also a Vehicle Crate and an Armor Crate).

The next update was a change to the unlock requirements for DC, the latest Mob Wars city.  DC now unlocks for anyone who has completed Tokyo, which should open up the doors for a lot of players who have been struggling through the drop requirements for Medellin and LA.

As always, please visit our forums and let us know what you think.  Also, if you are still experiencing any bugs, please post on our Get Satisfaction support page. Thanks!

One response to “New Crates and DC Unlock Requirements

  1. I leveled up by beating Frankie Fingers and when I clicked on the Mob Boss link all my energy, money, godfather point and experience points disappeared.

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