Heist: Infiltrate the Kremlin

Your contacts in Russia have betrayed the Family! Infiltrate the Kremlin and take your revenge. Play now!

Drop 1 : Modified XIX – weapon – 19/31

Drop 2: AKS 74U – weapon – 26/36

Drop 3: BMW Vision – vehicle – 37/37

Help Item : Flare Launcher – weapon – 24/21

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Update: Mob Codes

Hello Mobsters! We just released a new feature called “Mob Codes.”  Mob Codes allow you to add people to your mob without requiring you to be Facebook friends with them! To get your Mob Code, go to your “Recruit” link, located under the My Boss tab.  From here. you will see that you can invite friends the old fashioned way with a Facebook request, OR you can just add their Mob Code.  When you enter in a Mob Code, you send a request directly to the other player.  You can accept mob add requests just like normal, using the “Requests” page.  In addition, the max mob size has been increased to 2100.  For more detailed information and discussion, please visit us in the forums. Thank you, and good luck growing your mobs!


City Revamp: Tokyo

Hello mobsters –

We just launched a revamp of Tokyo, along with a few smaller changes! Just like a few previous cities, Tokyo now has a new line-up of jobs and a new set of powerful city collection items.  If you have already completed Tokyo, you can view your already completed jobs by clicking on the “Show Old Jobs” button at the bottom of the page.  If you are in the middle of completing Tokyo, you will have to finish the old jobs before you can unlock new content.  Miyoko is the city boss in Tokyo. Please let us know what you think! 

Also included in this push is a Travel icon, seen in the screenshot above (it looks like the Earth).  This icon brings up a dropdown that allows you to navigate between cities.

New: Updated Fights

Hello mobsters! In addition to the weekly heist, today we launched an updated Fight interface that should make fighting faster and easier. We also heard your concerns about the previous round of UI updates, and have (we hope!) resolved those concerns with these new changes.  Anyway, here’s the full rundown of updates:

– added the option to punch, rig, hitlist, and blacklist from a dropdown on the fight page itself (saves you a visit to a profile page)

– added a heal button directly to the fight results (similar to a boss battle, saves a hospital trip)

– after a round of voting in the forums, there is now a new button layout on the profile page

– the “are you sure” confirmation for the blacklist is now back

– Special Items in the stockpile can now be sorted by type and atk/def

– updated the look of fight results, as well as a number of simple aesthetic changes

We hope you like these updates! Please check out the Mob Wars Forums and voice your opinion if you have and questions or concerns with these changes. Thank you!

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City Revamp: Medellin and TrialPay Integration

Hello Mobsters –

We just launched two important updates to Mob Wars! The first is a new city revamp for Medellin.  Just like LA, Medellin now has a new line-up of jobs to complete and new city collection items to earn.  Remember, if you have already begun to do jobs in Medellin but have not completed Medellin yet, you first need to complete all crime waves before unlocking the new content.  We hope you enjoy completing this new content for Medellin!

The second update is the return of the free “offer wall” packages that allow you to earn Favor Points for free! In your HUD in the upper right hand corner, you will see a new link that says “EARN FREE FP!”.  This link will open up a Facebook Offer window.  You can scroll between different offers if you don’t want the first one that pops up.

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New: Simplified Interface

Hello Mobsters! In the continuing effort to streamline Mob Wars, we have just released a number of changes to the main game interface. As you can see, the “Fight”, “Stockpile”, and “My Boss” tabs can now be expanded into a drop-down menu.  This allows you to select sub-links and relevant features quickly, without needing to load an unnecessary page. We hope you find this to be an improvement over the old page navigation!  Please give your feedback and let us know what you think!

Changes to note:

– “My Mob” page has been integrated into the “My Boss” page.  Since both pages dealt with similar content, it made sense to combine them.

– Hitlist, Punch, Rig, Send Message, and Blacklist functions are now all located in the same drop-down location.

– Top Mob now lives under the “My Boss” tab.

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Please note: If you are experiencing any problems with this update, please clear your browsers cache and try again, as this can resolve many issues.

Visit our forums and let us know what you think! Thank you!