Aaand We’re Back!

After a restful and generally crime-free holiday vacation, the Mob Wars team is back in action.  We’ve got a ton of stuff planned for you this year, and are excited to be back to work on the game.  If you have any game ideas or suggestions you would like us to take a look at while we are still feeling creative, head over to the Game Suggestions thread in our forums to give your input! Thanks 🙂 Now, let’s get things done.

4 responses to “Aaand We’re Back!

  1. Hi there,

    You could do a Lottery type thing, where you can win FP.
    you get one free ticket per draw, but for each over one it costs 2 or 3 FP.

    And some more Skill Points for level ups would be nice.



  2. You should do a roulette wheel where each person gets one spin for signing in each day. The prizes could be mostly made up of mediocre prizes, such as: health, money, stamina, energy, or weak weapons/armor/vehicles.

    Of course, you would then have some really good prizes, such as: godfather points or stronger weapons/armor/vehicles.


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