New: Simplified Interface

Hello Mobsters! In the continuing effort to streamline Mob Wars, we have just released a number of changes to the main game interface. As you can see, the “Fight”, “Stockpile”, and “My Boss” tabs can now be expanded into a drop-down menu.  This allows you to select sub-links and relevant features quickly, without needing to load an unnecessary page. We hope you find this to be an improvement over the old page navigation!  Please give your feedback and let us know what you think!

Changes to note:

– “My Mob” page has been integrated into the “My Boss” page.  Since both pages dealt with similar content, it made sense to combine them.

– Hitlist, Punch, Rig, Send Message, and Blacklist functions are now all located in the same drop-down location.

– Top Mob now lives under the “My Boss” tab.

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Please note: If you are experiencing any problems with this update, please clear your browsers cache and try again, as this can resolve many issues.

Visit our forums and let us know what you think! Thank you!

32 responses to “New: Simplified Interface

  1. I have no top mob showing up in my mob wars, i click on it and this is what i get “You have reached the max mob size of 1001 and cannot invite any more members! This number may be increased in the future.” even though i am not trying to recruit.
    Also it would be nice to have somewhere showing how many hired guns we currently have too.
    Honestly would have to say the old version was much better then this one.

  2. I don’t like it. It wasn’t broke before you fixed it, now it is. I liked it better when the top mob was on the first page along with the current heist. Now I can’t see who’s in my top mob or when the positions have expired.

  3. I have the same issue with the Top Mob link not working, but am prepared to give the new look the benefit of the doubt for now

  4. No way to see the hired guns.
    Before you could order the weapons by attack or defense strength, that was nice.
    There should be a way to search for someone specific within your mob.
    Liked the old version better.

  5. Nothing with my Top Mob is working!!! I can’t see my Top Mob and I can’t send requests for my Top Mob at all. I’d like to know why this keeps changing. I’m one of those people that say if it aint broke don’t fix it. I’d really like to see it go back to the way it was. There’s just getting to be way too many pull downs in this game.

  6. As usual with the changes nothing seems to work, ie. Top Mob. Can’t see them nor can I send out any req’s or even see the req’s. that are sent to me. This game is starting to look more and more like Mafia Wars which I quit because of all the req.s that need to be sent and accepted and just the overall look of the game. Please lets stop going in that direction and get back to what made Mob Wars the best game out there.

  7. I have the same issue as Dave. I cleared my cache and tried again to avail. I like the new look, but everything is not copasetic.

  8. I agree what Dave stated as per above however you have made it to complicated,whats happened to the mobster you recruited eg Collecter,Doctor etc?
    Frankly you’ve lost me,go back to the old system as the old saying-:Kiss(keep it simple stupid)!!

  9. Me too, Dave. I also wish that I could easily see whether or not I have another player rigged. There really is no way to tell without actually rigging the player and then you either get a message saying you already have that player rigged or you get nothing, no message or anything, which I assume means that I didn’t have the player rigged but after going through the lengthy process, I accomplished that. It’s cumbersome enough for an experienced player, I can’t imagine how a new player would navigate the changes.

  10. My Top Mob needs filling , but when i try through top mob link under where you say it is , just gives me old mob member page ….. then when i attack a link appears to fill , when i click on it i get nothing but the same as clicking on top mob link … any suggestions please , i have cleared my browser and cache .. thanks much

  11. if you reduce your mob to less than 1001, you can then bring up the top mob section… but you shouldn’t have too. it’s like the recruitment section is crossed with the top mob section.. i can still recruit even though i am maxed out on mob members, but when i want to see the top mob, it shows the message everyone is seeing. also, streamlining the game is fine if there are the same number of clicks or less, if i have to click more to get the same result, it’s not improving the game experience.

  12. Now that Top Mob seems to have been fixed and several other things I still can not find out what happened to the cards. Was this feature left out by accident, am I missing it, or has this feature been removed?

  13. I have $7,856,588,762,355

    But it keep saying; You don’t have enough cash to purchase 50 Movie Studios!
    Movie studio $72,000,000,000 / each.

    Please give total $ amount and how much each property cost (like the old interface before)

  14. There will always be those who prefer the old layout but sometimes changes can do some good…
    There’s one thing for sure to be changed – from time to time when I click on a user that attacked me in order to take revange the browser gets stuck because the user has ‘thousands’ of inventories, weapons, properties and it take ages for the browser to download all the images, which blocks the command buttons from being active before the donwloading is complete.
    Would you consider changing the functionality to, for instance, such one that when the attacker profile is shown, the part of the page where all the numerous stuff is displayed, works conditionally, i.e. if I push some button or choose from a combo list or whatever else that would eliminate downloading all the pics…?


  15. anyone know what happened to the ability to rig ignition in Mob Wars?…I cleared the cache as suggested and still cannot find it

    • This was broken for about 30 minutes yesterday, but the “rig ignition” link should be back and working correctly now. If you don’t see the link, that means you have already rigged the ignition of that player.

  16. it seems to be alot more effort now to attack/punch and then list some 1, it takes twice aslong as it used to and there is no orginisation in the stockpile like switch between armor/weapons ect placing them in order of att/def with me im always in the stockpile keeping it up to date with weapons i use and weapons i dont, now its just a nightmare to try sort it out, but all in all the game does look better just a few things missing

    • oh!, and when you buy properties it dosn’t calculate how much it will cost for 5,10,100 of that propertie like it used to wich can be confussing,

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