City Revamp: Medellin and TrialPay Integration

Hello Mobsters –

We just launched two important updates to Mob Wars! The first is a new city revamp for Medellin.  Just like LA, Medellin now has a new line-up of jobs to complete and new city collection items to earn.  Remember, if you have already begun to do jobs in Medellin but have not completed Medellin yet, you first need to complete all crime waves before unlocking the new content.  We hope you enjoy completing this new content for Medellin!

The second update is the return of the free “offer wall” packages that allow you to earn Favor Points for free! In your HUD in the upper right hand corner, you will see a new link that says “EARN FREE FP!”.  This link will open up a Facebook Offer window.  You can scroll between different offers if you don’t want the first one that pops up.

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4 responses to “City Revamp: Medellin and TrialPay Integration

  1. Good job, kid! You just completed the D.C. Collection! Now go crack some skulls in Medellin….this is the message I get after finishing Medellin ;).

  2. I received no favor points and I just signed up for netflix two days ago via the free FP link on Mob Wars, it said I was going to receive 100 FP and I have received 0 : (

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