New: Updated Fights

Hello mobsters! In addition to the weekly heist, today we launched an updated Fight interface that should make fighting faster and easier. We also heard your concerns about the previous round of UI updates, and have (we hope!) resolved those concerns with these new changes.  Anyway, here’s the full rundown of updates:

– added the option to punch, rig, hitlist, and blacklist from a dropdown on the fight page itself (saves you a visit to a profile page)

– added a heal button directly to the fight results (similar to a boss battle, saves a hospital trip)

– after a round of voting in the forums, there is now a new button layout on the profile page

– the “are you sure” confirmation for the blacklist is now back

– Special Items in the stockpile can now be sorted by type and atk/def

– updated the look of fight results, as well as a number of simple aesthetic changes

We hope you like these updates! Please check out the Mob Wars Forums and voice your opinion if you have and questions or concerns with these changes. Thank you!

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19 responses to “New: Updated Fights

  1. The changes are alright except for one thing, not interested at all in seeing every single persons profile pictures since half of them seem to be of the perverted kind or half naked women. Please change it back or you have lost yet again another person due to your changes.

  2. i agree with Andrew, the forces don’t seem to multiply, plus now there’s only 3 6 and 9. I really miss the old fight template. So much so that I think I might stop playing mobwars as this looks like a final straw.

  3. absolute rubbish change, if i wanted to play Mafia Wars..i would play it…stop copying other games, it was good as it was….looks i will finally be giving up after all these years…you have had my money..and that is all you care about…RUBBISH.

  4. not a good change at all Bob….all you seem to be doing is listening to morons on the forum…just leave the game alone and put it back the way it was…the fight list is total **** now…cant even see what im attacking with so i now have to troll through pages and pages of weapons to see att/def, when all you used to do was 1 attack then see what your fighting with and their stats…simple, oh well, back to Worlds End for a while…this is unplayable as a game now.

    • stop moaning its only been 24 hrs since the changes lol, yes they have screwed things up in the past ( alot ) but get used to it, they done good, reply to this in a few days if you dont agree

  5. the hitlist page is now fast and eficent with the option to heal during attacks and incase you’re not already aware? when the targert is dead he stays on the page until you refresh the page as old version would get rid of him straight away and there is no refresh button on the hitlist page wich means slower acsess to bountys….the fight list is now a little confussing and most ppl hate it at the moment but ppl will get used to it, but please stop changing things so quikly lol, new citys and boss’s yes 🙂

    • after a few more hrs of playing im loving the new layout more and more and i can see you’re next move, but plz plz plz keep the family layout’s the same plz, so easy to read and find players, there lvl and vitality the way it is, that would be a kik in the nutts if you changed that, thnx, oh and on the fight list you can click on the players name but not the family’s name anymore like b4! family names and players names have gone from blue 2 white but im shure in time white will come natruall and in time if you changed it back to blue i would be saying the same thing lol, all in all gangster mw dev’s

  6. The new fight list is uttter gash. Have to scroll down to know if I or the other person is in hosp. Why lose the colour coded health bar? Heal button is very good though, and handy having the hitlist/rig button. Hate the drop down menus though. Every time I hit bank & then move down to deposit cash I end up clicking on ‘Members’ under the Mob tab. Also the ‘Active Hitlist’ button always seems to be on, even when nobody is on the list. Loads of other shit changes too: Why doesn’t it show the total amount when buying property? Too many popups when first logging in. More that I can’t be arsed to write now. Time to give MW a break for a while methinks.

  7. i just attacked some one on the hitlist, a much bigger player than me and now he is chaining me every time i heal ( even though he is on the hitlist and not gettin any xp ) and really pissing me off lol, i had an idea, vote a poll on this and see what ppl think, you should add a counter attack, when some 1 is in my position like i am now you have the option to counter attack, either the attack reflects back to them ( double the damage they deal ) or kills them instantly, obviously with the kill method it should cost there rig ignition to counter attack once so its not a free ride and a option that we cant use over and over without cost so if you really have a vendetta against you’re perp that is chaining you’ you can quite happily blow you’re bank acount on seing them suffer trying to attack you, or if this would make things to easy have a 5 minute delay between riging the counter attack, plz let me know what you think, thnx and if you decide to use this feature you should reward me with 100 mob 🙂

  8. OK, been giving this new layoutm a couple of days to get used to it…im still not feeling it at all,but on the plus side..really do like the HEAL button now when fighting…handy for me when leveling, as my partner is exactly the same level as me…so i just wait for her to appear on my fight list…simple…now if you could move the HEAL button up so it is closer to the ATTACK button…i would say you have done something good.

    • To Blacklist someone, first you have to visit their profile page by clicking on their name. Now, look for the “Punch” button and click on the dropdown arrow next to it. Select “Blacklist” from the dropdown menu. That should be it! Please send an email to if you have any trouble.

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