City Revamp: Tokyo

Hello mobsters –

We just launched a revamp of Tokyo, along with a few smaller changes! Just like a few previous cities, Tokyo now has a new line-up of jobs and a new set of powerful city collection items.  If you have already completed Tokyo, you can view your already completed jobs by clicking on the “Show Old Jobs” button at the bottom of the page.  If you are in the middle of completing Tokyo, you will have to finish the old jobs before you can unlock new content.  Miyoko is the city boss in Tokyo. Please let us know what you think! 

Also included in this push is a Travel icon, seen in the screenshot above (it looks like the Earth).  This icon brings up a dropdown that allows you to navigate between cities.

16 responses to “City Revamp: Tokyo

  1. Can you just leave the game alone for a while? Seriously??

    The refresh button does not work (big shock).

    We now have yet another drop down menu to make our navigating through the game that much more time consuming.

    Seriously, people are pissed off at you guys.

    • The refresh link is now fixed, it should be refreshing quickly now. We do plan on adding new cities in the future, so eventually the links at the top would be so crowded that they would be hard to click on. The dropdown is one way to solve this problem before this happens.

      • Can’t you just add a second row when you get to many cities in one row. That makes more sense. I love most of the changes and I think the drop downs for the Boss and Fight is great and much needed. However the cities is going too far and makes navigation tedious.

    • Getting the heist and racket on the app would be really really nice. Then I wouldn’t have to try to get on the website with my phone and try to click the little buttons. Not sure y you haven’t done it already.

  2. proof read helps when doing Tokyo part 2

    You just earned the Yakuza Headband!
    Yakuza Sake

    Yakuza Knife

    Yakuza Oroichi

    Yakuza Hammer

    Yakuza Headband

    10% (100/5000)
    5 of 5 Collected
    Good job, kid! You just completed the D.C. Collection! Now go crack some skulls in Tokyo.

  3. With the new added modifications, I no longer have access to Chcago, London, Vegas, Moscow, Dubai, or Shanghai. It was said best earlier, “Why don’t you just give it a rest and leave it alone”. If you feel a need to modify the game, try coming up with Heists and Rackets for Medellin, Dubai, and DC.
    In the meantime, I still don’t have access to 6 of the 11 cities (in Jobs)
    And since you made more difficult to add TopMob members, why don’t you make it more enticing for someone to click on it, you know, get a little somethin’ somethin’…

  4. Travel icon is shit, at least you could’ve left the ‘next city’ button, instead of another fucking drop-down menu. Fightlist is shit, too much scrolling, and can’t see the info about whether you are in hosp. So many things are now shit. I’m off, had enough of this. Jobs are shit, what, now I gotta go back to cities thatI’d finished? Please reinstate the reset button & put it on every screen. It’s the only button most people will wanna use from now on.

  5. Really fed up with all the flickering drop downs! Top mob was better on front Home page. New city/job drop down is a lot of extra clicking that I just can’t be bothered with especially in the Tokyo hiest where you have to scroll down the page to old jobs!!!!!

    Please stop complicating it all by making the game a lot more time intensive! I understand that new cities would crowd the top but surely more room could be made so you can put it back to a one click link. I play this game for fun in my spare time, I need to be able to play it quick, All the new changes recently to “simplify” the game I.M.H.O have simply made it harder to play

  6. Personally, I don’t like the cities dropdown at all, it slows the game somewhat. The thing I hate most is that mine doesn’t work, I click the arrow and all I get is a blank box. Please help if you can, I was doing so well.

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