Mob Wars Updates

Hello Mobsters –
We made some small updates today, but hopefully important ones.  First of all, we have returned the Top Mob to the Home page.  Top Mob can still be accessed via your Profile tab, but now you can see it every time you log in.  The styling for Top Mob has changed a little, but besides that it works exactly the same as before.

In addition, we also added a “Heal” button in the new News Feed, to let you heal after being killed.  Hopefully, this makes it easier for you to get back into the fight without clicking on the very small health icon in the HUD.

Update: News Feed Tabs

Hello mobsters –

We just launched an updated version of the news feed that separates different news feed events into tabs.  These tabs are “All”, “Fight”, “Game”, “Friends” and “News”.  The “All” tab is not much different from the original news feed, it contains all game events and messages in chronological order.  The “Fight” tab includes only game events where other players attack, punch, or hitlist you.  The “Game” tab includes more passive events, like level up notices and player messages.  The “Friends” tab notifies you when you get friend requests, gifts, etc. (eventually you will be able to accept requests from this feed, but for now it takes you to the request page).  Finally, the “News” tab is reserved for messages from Mob Wars, to promote various game events and announcements.

For more details on how the feed works and for discussion/feedback, please visit our forums! Thank you.

PS – Rio is coming very, very soon. Really soon.