Mob Wars Updates

Hello Mobsters –
We made some small updates today, but hopefully important ones.  First of all, we have returned the Top Mob to the Home page.  Top Mob can still be accessed via your Profile tab, but now you can see it every time you log in.  The styling for Top Mob has changed a little, but besides that it works exactly the same as before.

In addition, we also added a “Heal” button in the new News Feed, to let you heal after being killed.  Hopefully, this makes it easier for you to get back into the fight without clicking on the very small health icon in the HUD.

2 responses to “Mob Wars Updates

  1. it would be cool if you had a navigational tool you can where you can pull up how to earn the collections and whats the stats and how u get them?

    and it should be made way easyer to add people to your mob

    face book has a glitch where if u dont live in the same city you cant add them

    and you have to be friends with people to add them.

    all u should neeed is the link oir the mob code that never works lol

    and there is this gansta ass hat collection its called lock up a d its street legends

    phat stuff the game neeeds more hats

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