Preview: Family Wars

Hello Mobsters! We’ve been at work improving how families work in Mob Wars so that the stage is set for the “Family Wars” feature.  Since the family updates are being rolled out without much trouble, I wanted to post this screenshot of how the Wars page currently looks.  Now, this is just a “mockup” image that shows what the wars page will probably look like, so this image is just “for show”.

The colorful “slider” bars move throughout the course of the war, keeping track of your family status. There is a news feed in the corner, and you can keep tabs on your family health.  There is more to this page, but we don’t to show everything all at once 🙂  For feedback and discussion on wars, please visit our forums!

Update: Families Tab

Hello Mobsters!  In preparation of our “Family Wars” feature (you can learn more here), today we released updates to how families work in Mob Wars. Families now have their own tab in the Nav bar that will let you access your family quickly and easily.  We have also added “Family Stats”, which shows you the relative “Strength” of your family.  The Top Mob Wars families are ranked on their own leaderboard.  Below are some screenshots of the new family pages.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!

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New City: Palermo

Hello mobsters –

We just launched Palermo, the newest city in Mob Wars! Just like the previous cities, Palermo has 10 new jobs, 6 new properties, a new set of collection items, and a new boss.  The new boss, “Salvatore”, is a little tougher than previous bosses so it may be a little harder to collect all of his drop items. The collection items from Rio double as required items for jobs in Palermo, so you have to collect all 5 to be able to do all Palermo jobs! For feedback and discussion on Palermo, please visit our forums and let us know what you think! Thank you.