New Feature: Family Wars!

Family Wars have arrived! Families can now compete in head-to-head matches that prove once and for all who is the stronger family.  Winning families earn bonus cash and XP, as well as bragging rights! We are very excited about this feature and hope you are too.  Remember that the wars feature is still in BETA, so we will be relying on your direct feedback from this point forward on how to continue to balance, fix bugs, and improve the feature.

Please direct all feedback for wars to this thread in the forums. Thanks!

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Boss Concept Art

The Mob Wars art team puts a lot of time into art that doesn’t always make it into the game.  We feel like this art still deserves to be showcased, so here’s a full size screen shot of a painted Heiko boss concept for Amsterdam!

By the way, if you are an artist who would like to contribute to the game and the community, feel free to visit our forums!

Bug/Patch Updates 4/02/12

Hello Mobsters! Today’s blog post may not be super exciting, but it should be very informative.  You can discuss these updates in the Mob Wars forums. Thanks!

– admins can now select one “underboss” to assist with admin duties
– there is a family lookup field to directly look up family names (not a true search)
– the strength and member count for families now disregards “recruits”
– admins and underbosses are now ranked as #1 and #2 in the family list
– we added a family target list that shows all families who are close to you in strength
– added an online now indicator (lights up green)
– added a “recruit” wall post button
– added a “delete all recruits” button for admins and underbosses to more easily manage recruits

– NAV links (Fight, Jobs, etc.) should now be easier to click
– news feed now works on mobile
– blackmarket display bug fixed on mobile
– request notification fixed on mobile
– old, unsupported GF page disabled completely
– returning gifts no longer refreshes the gifting page, allowing you to return gifts normally