Bug/Patch Updates 4/02/12

Hello Mobsters! Today’s blog post may not be super exciting, but it should be very informative.  You can discuss these updates in the Mob Wars forums. Thanks!

– admins can now select one “underboss” to assist with admin duties
– there is a family lookup field to directly look up family names (not a true search)
– the strength and member count for families now disregards “recruits”
– admins and underbosses are now ranked as #1 and #2 in the family list
– we added a family target list that shows all families who are close to you in strength
– added an online now indicator (lights up green)
– added a “recruit” wall post button
– added a “delete all recruits” button for admins and underbosses to more easily manage recruits

– NAV links (Fight, Jobs, etc.) should now be easier to click
– news feed now works on mobile
– blackmarket display bug fixed on mobile
– request notification fixed on mobile
– old, unsupported GF page disabled completely
– returning gifts no longer refreshes the gifting page, allowing you to return gifts normally

One response to “Bug/Patch Updates 4/02/12

  1. I think there is no use of extra “message” button in family page and “Leave” is at a weird place, if possible move it to right side. Thanks

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