Update: Auto Heal

Hey everyone –

We have just added “Auto Heal” to the profile page. Auto Heal used to be an insider feature that had a FP cost and a time limit, but now it is free and can be toggled on or off with no time limit on use. You can find it in the upper right hand corner of your profile page, just check the box for on or off.

Basically, what Auto Heal does is check before each attack to see if you are in the hospital or dead. If you are in the hospital or dead, it will automatically heal you and deduct the cash from your bank account before attacking your target. This is mainly useful when fighting with a level partner, fighting from the war page, or attacking on the hitlist. The real benefit is that Auto Heal prevents you from having to open the slow loading “Heal” dialog box that normally pops up when you run out of health.

It is important to note that Auto Heal does not heal you from incoming attacks. If a player chains you into the hospital, you will stay in the hospital until you heal yourself. Also, there is still a small chance to be killed by return damage from your attack if you are trying to fight someone who is much stronger than you, but this situation is generally rare. Auto Heal does not apply to boss battles.

Please let us know what you think!

2 responses to “Update: Auto Heal

  1. you are great …… i was thinking, if there is a way like …… 50 mob member’s name , previously selected, one click on Stamina or Energy or job Help, they will get automatically ……. just to reduce the time …… many thanks for the “Family” tab … but there are others who is out side my family ….. hope you understand ….

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