Level Ups and Refills Updated

Hello mobsters! In order to help out the lower level players, the following updates have just been made live in the game:

– Level up refills have increased
> Energy earned set to 1000
> Stamina earned set to 50
> Health earned set to 10000

– Refill timers have been drastically reduced
> Health, energy, and stamina recharge timers are now all set to 1 minute. Income still takes 1 hour. Your mobster type will still provide the relevant boost to your refill timers.

So, for players who are just starting out all the way up to players in the 2k – 4k range, these updates should let you play a little longer before running out of stamina or energy resources. We hope you enjoy the changes! If you would like to leave additional feedback, please click here to read through and follow up with this thread. Thanks!

3 responses to “Level Ups and Refills Updated

  1. Kind of messed up to start us out at 2000 energy and then switch it back to 1000. I already allocated a ton of skill points to Energy so I could get to 2000.

  2. who has all these skill points lying around? i put more into energy as well, but ultimately you will get more energy from job help and energy boosts, keep wearing your energy boost hat for those as well. so it will pay off in the long run.

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