Scavenger Hunt!

Hey everyone! Mob Wars does have it’s fair share of issues right now, but we thought it would be a nice change of pace to have a different kind of contest. We’ve put together a Mob Wars scavenger hunt. Rewards and rules are listed below. I hope it’s not too easy and I hope you have a good time finding everything on the list. Good luck!
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Ok, so here’s what you need to find  in order to win:

1.) Find the name of the “award” won by Psycho Monkey LLC, creators of Mob Wars, and link to its website.

2.) Find a player who’s name begins with an “X”. Provide player link.

3.) Take a screenshot of your news feed being punched by any player who is at least 3x your level (or level 30k or above). Provide screenshot.

4.) Find a link to a youtube video that references Mob Wars. Provide youtube link.

5.) Find a player who has completed over 150 achievements. Provide player link.

6.) Find a player named “Mobile Mobster”. Provide player link.

7.) Find a picture of Mickey Mongrel hidden in the game (boss and achievement pages not included). Describe its location.

8.) Find the name “Carlo” written somewhere in the game (can not be a player name). Describe its location.

9.) Find 15 American Flags in the game. Describe their locations.

10.) Find a player with special characters in their name (ie. &, %, etc). The underscore _ character does not count as special. “Clamps!” also does not count.

*****Do not post your answers anywhere! This is a contest! Please help keep it fun for people who want to participate.*****
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The top 5 winners get:
– 100 FP
– 1 Mob Wars T-Shirt
– 3 Mob Wars Stickers
– One random object that is sitting around in our office right now (iPhones and wallets not included).

The next 5 winners get:
– 50 FP
– 3 Mob Wars Stickers

Everyone else who is correct:
– 10 FP (offer expires 7 days after this posting)

To submit your answers, send an email to Be sure to include your ID! Winners will be announced 7 days after this posting, so that means contest ends on Tuesday, August 7th.

2 responses to “Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Hi All, I am leaving this game not because its no fun but because the developer chose to put in the security code for every job and heists. Don’t they know how irritating this can be especially you keep getting this pop-up to enter security code. 1 or 2 is acceptable but every jobs and heists are too much. Bye all, enjoy this bloody game.

    • Unfortunately, we have no control over this recent change to the requests flow. This is a FB change meant to reduce spam, but it is affecting even legitimate posts. Sorry about this!

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