Coming Soon: New Trades and New City!

Hey mobsters! We’ve been working on adding a bunch of new content for Mob Wars. Last week we added new stockpile items for players in a higher level range, but soon we will be introducing new items in the Pawn Shop that should give everyone access to powerful items! The items you need to make the trade can be earned by completing the “City Heists”, found under the Jobs tab. Check out the images in the gallery below for a sneak peak of what you can expect, and please visit the forums to join the ongoing discussion on these items!

Next up, we’ve got a new city that is wrapping up production and will be coming out soon! The next city available for your conquest will be Paris, the City of Lights. Paris will have a new boss, new jobs, a new collection, and of course a new set of properties. Check out a headshot of Maxine, the new boss, in the images below! She’s like James Bond, but she’s French and prefers stealth over blowing things up.

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