Updated HUD: Back to Basics

Hey there mobsters! The Godfather has been taking a close look at things and has deemed the Mob Wars interface unworthy. He’s been at work bringing the Mob Wars HUD (heads up display) back to its roots.  Today, we have launched an update to the HUD.

Now your full cash, health, energy and stamina values are displayed on the page. Refill timers are back, letting you know how long you have to wait for your stats to recharge. The Black Market has been moved to its own tab, and now has dropdowns for quick navigation to the specific item you might be looking for.  In addition, the “Family” tab has been collapsed into the “My Mob” tab, so be sure to check under My Mob if you are looking for your family features!

There have been minor changes to your Profile page as well. Stat descriptions are back, giving new players the information they need to make better decisions on stat placement.  Also, the sliding “trays” that displayed your items have been removed.  All of your  items are now displayed in one impressive, giant block.

Check the images below for a preview, or just play the game to see these changes! If you have any questions, feedback, or problems with these UI changes, please click here to continue the discussion in the forums! Much has already been discussed, but the more input from players the better.

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13 responses to “Updated HUD: Back to Basics

  1. All buttons work for me, does need a delete all button, and is there any place that allows you to black list someone, I have never been able to find it. I know the Godfather is suppose to be able to do it but how?

  2. the new setup is confusing. 2 thumbs down on this change..I always get mixed up when checking energy and stamina. I have to really focus to look at the right thing. I also get a shaking screen when on the fight screen..

  3. i have been getting a messege that the gifting is down and will be back in a few hours for the last 3 days now ! WTF?

  4. I haven’t been able to get energy, cash or stamina boosts sent by mob members for the past few days (since at least last Friday 26th Oct) – it just keeps saying that gifting will be back online in a few hours, sorry for the inconvenience!! However it will let me occasionally let me help other mob members in completing jobs? When will this issue be resolved?

  5. I love the layout….HOWEVER. The changes you made to the increased minutes for everything, the decreased energy, health, and stamina when you level AND the fact that none of us STILL cannot accept any gifts is ridiculous! “Back to Basics” meaning that you are taking 100 steps back in the advancement of this game! I do not understand the logic in going backwards when the past few months have been THE MOST productive AND the most rewarding when it comes to your players FINALLY being able to be involved with the game longer and now it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to reach the next level, or participate in anything for more than a few mins every two hours??
    I’ve religiously played this game for 3.5 years and now I give up! This has been the worst decision in the history of this game. And, it’s VERY sad that all of the time, money, and effort I put into this game went down the drain…all for nothing.
    Good Luck Devs!

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