Mob Wars Down 10/22/12

Attention Mobsters! The Amazon servers which host Mob Wars are experiencing downgraded performance, which is preventing Mob Wars from loading. There is no notice yet for when these servers will be fixed.

You can view the status of Amazons servers here: (N. Virginia)

6 responses to “Mob Wars Down 10/22/12

  1. they probably didn’t pay the fees. Will we get something out of this? its not fair cause you guys screw up and we suffer. Then you wonder why MW is getting less and less popular. a later ago it was very popular but you guys ruined the game. bring back the old MW back.

  2. why isnt my energy recharging when i level up? the whole thing is lagging, the energy timer has increased too. please sort it asap

  3. What about this “Gifting will be back online in a few hours. Sorry for any inconvenience?” Been like this since Sunday

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