Mob Wars Back Online!

After two grueling days of Amazon outages and issues, we are happy to say that Mob Wars is back online. Currently, we are still having trouble with gifting requests, but are working to resolve this issue as soon as we can. Other than gifting, the game as a whole should be working correctly. If you are still encountering any problems, please email us at  There are also multiple threads and discussions in the forums which answer a ton of questions, so please click here to visit the forums.

In addition to getting the game back online there have also been some updates:

– refill rates for timers and leveling up have been fixed to stay in line with where they have been since the launch of the game
– avatar images removed from fight list
– player names on fight list shown as links
– “online now!” status now shown on fight list
– current FP total added back to the HUD
– game actions now have a quick “flashing” animation
– hitlist redirect bug fixed
– news feed redirect bug fixed

44 responses to “Mob Wars Back Online!

  1. the new rates were awesome , now game play is slow sluggish and uninspiring !!! when you hit certain levels the game has to follow and the one minute was great now , nothing goin on we do other things
    dissapointed , this is a step back once again for the game , finally game play was fast , and the pace we play , the old timers are way to slow for the cost of playing the game a level 10 attack x 3 =30 stam now takes an hour to re fill one attack on a player ??? c.mon guys !

  2. Seriously, why would you make these changes to the refill rates? We built our profiles and used our skill points to develop mobsters that get the most out of those things. With these changes, all it does is prove that we wasted all that time and all those skill points!

  3. I used to play 2 times a day with the timers the way they are now I have to play once every 3 days .This is no longer a fun and catchy game I dont know if i will ever play again

  4. What the hell? Why would you change the refill timers and level up bonuses back??? I spent tons of points towards Engergy and Stamina because of how it changed. This was the best change ever and now you’re changing it back? SOOOO STUPID!

  5. if you want to change the rollback refill rates for timers and leveling up, then pls at least let us re-distribute the ATTRIBUTES points.

  6. If the admin reads this comment, dont think just because you have reduced all the good deeds will make me to buy favor points to make up for it. Making all these rediculous efforts just to make the game worse for players. How funny lol!

    And I like the part where you try to say about the refill rates, took me a while to figure out. You should say “Awsome update Alert!! longer refill rates for everyone!!!!!!!”

  7. Are you kidding me, cant attack, cant, do jobs, instead being able to use photo cues to recognise our ememies, we squint to check all the relevent information, while watching our health and hoping we have enough health to retaliate once we locate our attacker,

  8. I can only agree with the above comments, resetting the timers back to the old rates is a backward move and has slowed the game play down considerably. Removing the avatars from the fight list makes it harder to remember who I have attacked and as I don’t want to be seen as a chainer I now have to err on the side of caution. Maybe one of the Dev’s can put a post on explaining why these “updates” have been done and just how they are supposed to enhance our gaming??

  9. I left this game 3 years ago and last month was convinced to return by some friends. The game kept me interested and I actually spent some real money to improve my player. Now that the refill and timers are set to these new values, it’s no longer fun to play. I’ll log in once a day to see I barely have any energy and have been killed so my experience just keeps diving into the negative. I definitely won’t be spending any more money on the game and will just leave again as I’m not interested in playing once every 2-3 days waiting for my energy to refill. Please consider returning the old timers and level up refills, I know there are many others contemplating the same decision to leave which is a shame.

  10. this is just a bullshit idea by the ‘top’ high level bosses, they dont want people catching them up, leveling so fast. ridiculous!!!!!! change the timers back NOW or u gonna lose alot of people… including me.. so boring now its pathetic.. i’ve just woke up and i’ve got 200 energy.. lmfao. my energy bar is 1200, IDIOTS

  11. Will agree with the rest — I was almost done playing back when you changed the refill timers, but continued because it was fun to actually have a chance to complete a city — Now I see no reason to continue with the game, as completing cities will now take at least 6 months to 1 year as a 1700 level player. I’ll check back over the next few weeks to see if changes have been made, otherwise I won’t be returning.

  12. I usually play 4 or 5 times a day, now with no gifting the silly timer reset and only 200 energy when levelling………. I can only play once a day for around 30 mins!!! Not worth the effort anymore……..please change it back…….or, I like many will be off to find a new game!

  13. I have to agree with the previous posters. By cutting the energy and stamina renewal by about 80%, I can only play about 1/5 the time, if I play at all. Was it your goal to reduce the amount of time people spend on your game? Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought spending more time on your site led to more advertising revenue for you.

  14. What a cliche mess!! Must be coming to the end of a great game. such a waste!!!
    The ONLY game I have played on FB… Heck the main reason im on FB.
    I have played for yrs, every day thru change after change up until last week…
    struggling to find a reason to log on now.

  15. I am very disappointed in the changes that have been made. After helping someone do a job, a reply that you have earned 10% energy and 4$billion dollars is a lie. I am not receiving any energy. Not being allowed to gift is ridiculous too. After losing out on 6 days worth of gifting, leveling up and enjoying the game, I am ready to call it quits.

  16. I’m with the rest of the folks here. The revised rates were great improvements on the original refill rates. Going back to the originals stinks and makes gameplay much slower.

  17. I love the changes reverting back to the slow timers and minuscule refills. All the skill points I wasted on energy I will never get to use unless I wait a week between playing. Completely awesome. It totally frees up the time I used to spend playing this now ridiculous game. Thanks MW for getting my life back..

  18. Great job- you bring us back some things from the bad days of the game, but the gifting doesn’t work. And for the long time players: remember the time- two years ago we have the same problems- first a update from mobwars, second a “crash of the servers” and at last some bad changes….

  19. IK stopped playing the game when I ran out of things to do. When we got new cities I started playing again. Built up my energy when I noticed I got more than 200 refilled. With the latest changes the effect is that I wasted hundreds of skill points on things that now are useless. I also spent some real money on the game in the past. Won’t be doing that again!

    If these slow timers and low refills stay, please give us an option to reallocate the skill points!

  20. I totally disagree with all of the DOWNGRADES to this game. I no longer have the app for my iPhone. I rated it a 1 star and from this day forward I refuse to purchase anymore GF points EVER again from this game. The gifting has been out for TWO WEEKS! Still no mention in that at all. It looks like an unreasonable change to timers, refills when you level, AND taking gifting away!?
    Why would you take the avatars out of the fight list??
    This is the only game I know that does not want to advance but, only take 100 steps backwards…
    I hope EVERYONE stands together and refuses to make any purchases until they come up with a reasonable compromise!

    • And I totally agree with you, thats why i have mentioned (above) not to buy any favor points. The admin prob thinks that we will buy more favor points to cover up the loss.

  21. just accepted 5 job helps got what ??? 0 energy .. this is been goin on forever … maybe they feel their money is made and now just want this game to go away as it is more troublesome for them to keep it up as their pockets are lined with cash ….

  22. I stop playing fv and mafia wars already. I f you dont go back to they way it was a couple of weeks ago, I will stop playing this game also.

  23. I noticed that too. When I help with jobs I don’t get the 10% bonus that is stated. If they don’t change the timers back they should at leat reduce the amount of energy (for jobs), health (for attacks) etc…

  24. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE developers put the energy and stamina timers back to a minute, and give a 1000 energy refill when leveling up. when those changes were made a while ago, they made the game fun to play more than once every day or three! i could actually do a few things and level up a few times a day, and because of that, i spent more time on the site, and more money on gf points than ever!! now you are going to go back to the slow slow slow game format? its gonna cost you users, including this one.

  25. C’mon guy.
    I just startet to play more often again, because of the new rates. Now the game is back to very slow. And jobs are back to be totally unimportant (except for Paris and Boston, but properties do not help that much, especially not in levling up).

    Please chance it back, otherweise I probably stop playing soon again.

  26. you know what Im glad they screwed this one up….I was addicted to this game on it all the time and now I just do other things…probably on it once every 3-4 days now. horrible…

  27. I’m only able to play once per day because of the slow refill rate changes. I was really enjoying it. I’ve been playing for years now. Now, with the changes, I’m thinking about putting it down and moving on. CAN WE PLEASE FIX THIS?


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