Gifting is Back!

Attention Mobsters! After over two weeks of critical updates and bug fixes, we are happy to say that gifting has finally been rebuilt and is back online.  There are a lot of updates to how the gifting system though! So, here’s what you need to know:

– the number of gifts you have left to send and request is now shown under each gift type on the gifting page
– you can now accept a total of 20 energy boosts every 6 hours (other boost types not affected)
– accept limit for cash boosted to 15 per day
– job helps have been removed from the game, however you can still accept any pending job helps you still have
– gifts from each friend will “stack” on top of each other, so you can easily accept gifts from one person

Please take some time to try out the new gifting system.  If you have any feedback or bugs to report, please click here to post in the forums and we will respond as quickly as possible!

Thank you for your amazing patience this past week as we have worked to resolve issues! We still have a lot to do, so please bear with us.

NOTE: Gifting is still not working for Mobile players. We are working on this!

7 responses to “Gifting is Back!

  1. Like this game did not have enough alts already. I see a jump in the amount of daily players(alts). Talk about fixing the books

  2. 20 boosts every 6 hours, is that 20 x 10% boosts or has the % changed?

    What about stamina boosts, have they changed or remained the same?

    You do appreciate that a lot of the changes you make benefit automated players far more than manual players, don’t you? You will simply create even more problems in the game this way imho, you’d have been better off setting it at 80 every 24 hours, or 40 every 12 hours. Most players simply won’t be able to log in every 6 hours but the bot programmers will have a fix out in no time for their paying clients, I’m sure…

  3. i need help I cant play at all only the top pops up I try to fight do jobs nothing happens I tried with chrome and i tried with explorer nothing cant deposit no news no history nothing I dont know what to do

  4. agreed with Steve Glynn. the auto script can just make full use of the gift, but not normal manual player.
    please change it back to every 24 hours like last time.
    Also please SOLVE the energy refill issue

  5. you can delete my posts, but u know im right u dirty mongs….. fix this game now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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