New Level-Up Refill Rates

Hello mobsters! Recharge rates for leveling up are no longer a flat rate recharge. Now, the amount you get per level actually depends on your maximum stats. So, the more SP you put into energy, the more you will earn for leveling up. There are still base rates that apply to all players under the minimum, so here’s the numbers:

Energy min = 300 per level
Stamina min = 30 per level
Health min = 2000 per level

So, if your energy is anywhere below 300, you will get a full refill on leveling up. Beyond that point, you start earning extra energy based on your max energy stat. Please let us know what you think about this, and especially let us know if you notice any bugs! Thank you.

17 responses to “New Level-Up Refill Rates

  1. The new rates are a step toward the right direction, but not enough to speed up the game to a more fun level.
    The needed energy for the jobs – especially the job above level 5 is really high. So that you can only a couple of jobs after leveling up. You have to wait long to proceed here.

    And for the boss battles a stamina fill up from at least 50% – 75% would be great.

  2. What is wrong with getting full energy and stamina upon reaching a new level, regardless of how high your levels are? Why are you guys mincing around with this nonsense and doing whatever you can to make the game slower and less enjoyable?

  3. I like it, but the only thing that should be tweaked imho is the timer for energy. It should be reduced by 50%. I think based on a percentage is fine. This should emphasize the fighting in mob wars and not the leveling.

  4. I would like to see 75% across the board for leveling up, but I liked it a lot before the server issues. 1000 energy and 300 stamina bc health refills don’t really matter as much to me

  5. Fix the timers. They are too slow. If I come back to the game after 24 hours and still my levels have barely budged from when I left there’s a problem. I should be able to start with a full palate.

  6. ive been away from the game for around 6 weeks…come back and i dont know whats gone on, but one thing i do know…its now completely rubbish and after years of playing..and a lot of real money spent..i think you have reached your goal Bob, you have killed the game completely…you know full well who the cheats are..all you had to do was disable thier accounts, not mess with the game so drastically….poor show Bob…really poor show

  7. Fill rates, especially for energy, are still too slow. Before all the mucking about, the rate I could do jobs was slow going, but reasonable & kept me coming back to the game. At this point, I’m not on for as long as I used to be, and I notice a lot of others aren’t as well – hard for me to find appropriate opponents to fight.

  8. Please fix this. It totally sucks now. I used to play the game all day off and on, now i play maybe once a day if that.

  9. im nowe playing oncve every 5-7 days….the game has just gone tits up, and i see a lot of other regular players have left too…the end of the road has been reached after years of playing…its just rubbish now

  10. New update alert!!

    The more u attack a person the lesser the experience you will get now.
    Not suprised that the admin hasnt mentioned anything. The game is now out of hands.

  11. it’s taken me 4 yrs of honest regular play to hit 4880 level , people hit 100,000 level in same time ???? stop restraining the honest players and get on those who cheated their way up with bots and everything else

  12. The re-fill rates are too slow – they should be sped up. When you play at the higer levels they jobs take alot more energy. I feel like the game has slowed down.

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