Heist Issue, New Messages, and Safe Busters

This week’s heist, “Torch Rivals Pub”, launched with the wrong required item. One of the required items for the heist was no longer available for purchase in the stockpile. This has now been resolved.

Anyway, we have also added a list of new in-game messages! These messages were suggested by players in the MW forums.  The new messages include:
– “Heal up, buttercup.”
– “That’s tough talk for a dead man.”
– “Pick on someone your own size!”
– “Better luck next time.”
– “You’re welcome.”
– “No problem!”

We removed some of the old, least used messages as well.

Finally, we have removed Safe Busters from the stockpile. They were an outdated item that had no effect on the game, so it was time to see them go. Any prerequisite where a Safe Buster was required has now been removed.

Goodbye, Safe Busters!

Hey mobsters! We will be removing Safe Busters from the list of stockpile weapons on Monday. While these used to have a purpose in the game (they boosted your attack, per item you were attacking with), that system no longer functions. Safe Busters have actually been doing nothing for a long time now, so it’s time they were moved. We just wanted to give you a heads up so you would have time to sell them all before Monday comes around and we move the Safe Busters to the “special items” category.

Please note that the required prerequisites for “Triad Den Heist” and “Steal Faberge Egg” will no longer require the Safe Buster. This goes into effect Monday. For more discussion, please visit the forums! Thanks.

Wars Disabled

Attention mobsters! Wars have been temporarily disabled for all families in the game.  This was done as a last resort to prevent players from being “locked” into families that they cannot leave or join, due to a bug. We will be working on fixing this bug, and hopefully improve the wars experience overall. The feature will be back!

We apologize for the inconvenience! Meanwhile, all other aspects of Families will be working normally. If you have any questions or concerns, please click here and let us know in the Forums. Thanks!