Heist Issue, New Messages, and Safe Busters

This week’s heist, “Torch Rivals Pub”, launched with the wrong required item. One of the required items for the heist was no longer available for purchase in the stockpile. This has now been resolved.

Anyway, we have also added a list of new in-game messages! These messages were suggested by players in the MW forums.  The new messages include:
– “Heal up, buttercup.”
– “That’s tough talk for a dead man.”
– “Pick on someone your own size!”
– “Better luck next time.”
– “You’re welcome.”
– “No problem!”

We removed some of the old, least used messages as well.

Finally, we have removed Safe Busters from the stockpile. They were an outdated item that had no effect on the game, so it was time to see them go. Any prerequisite where a Safe Buster was required has now been removed.

7 responses to “Heist Issue, New Messages, and Safe Busters

      • Your somewhat arrogant and irritating remark forces me to go defence.

        Don’t try to sell people stupid, you know very well there was no in-game warning and that not all players are frequent visitors to the MW blog! Assuming you yourself visit regularly, it is imho noteworthy to mention that it took you a month to respond to this thread as well. You might have received the warning, but for some reason you seem to be awful slow on the replies… perhaps you’re a slow reader, perhaps you type slow or you were in need of a dictionary, or perhaps you have entirely different problems, I don’t know and I don’t care actually.

        Anyway, most people who play the game (on and off, not fanatically) heavily rely on in-game feedback and cannot be bothered reading blog posts daily, weekly or at all for that matter. As for myself, I’ve read about it way to late simply because I don’t visit the blog or forum that often, and a sympathetic message in support of those who lost out was all that I contribute.

        All we’re saying here is that it could have been handled differently, and after all these years they (the developers) should know better. So you know where you can shove you “haha”, ok?

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