Hitlist Cancer

Hello mobsters. Last year Maligator Mama, a long time player and forum regular, began this thread asking for help to fight cancer and with the support of other mobsters raised over $1000!

This year she is asking for your help once again. The donations are for the Relay for Life event in Long Beach CA, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Relay is a 24 hour event representing a day fighting cancer. Donations go to research for a cure and supporting people in the fight against cancer, including giving rides to treatment. A ride to and from treatment is about $10.

Maligator is asking for your support. This is a direct donation link to support ACS, Maligator and her team in the fight against cancer.

Donate!: http://main.acsevents.org/goto/forkcancer-walker

There will also be in-game rewards for donations, but these need to be processed manually, so please click here to visit the forums for more information. Thank you!

2 responses to “Hitlist Cancer

  1. I cannot leave any messages I tried in goggle Firefox and Msn and I am not able to leave any messages can I get any help

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