Heist Holdup

Attention mobsters! This weeks scheduled heist has had to be put on hold by the Godfather. An unexpected event has derailed the boss’s plans. The Godfather hopes to get the heist back on track tomorrow morning. As a bonus, he will be boosting the heist drop stats to make up for the missing day!

Last week’s updates can also be viewed and discussed by clicking here┬áto visit the forums. Thanks!

Week Review 3/11/13 – 3/15/13

Hello mobsters! Every Monday, the Godfather will be posting game updates and changes that were made the previous week. All changes past, future, and present, can be discussed with the Godfather in the Mob Wars forums. To discuss these changes in particular, please click here to visit the forums!

Items from last week:

– removed “accept all” button from gifting page
– removed sorting option for special items (temporary, will return once fixed)
– added “real” mob member size on recruit page
– added hired gun counter on Black Market dropdown
– added total mob size on My Mob dropdown
– added “last online” to mob members on My Mob page

– fixed issue that prevented mob code adding for players under level 50

– fixed an issue with FB login
– fixed an issue where merging caused the tutorial to start over

– added new heist items
– added new premium items
– removed “free godfather points” promotion banner
– added additional player tracking

Godfather FP Reward!

Godfather Update: This event has now expired! Stay tuned for future Godfather events.

The Godfather needs your help! The Feds are closing in on the safehouse and the boss needs to offload his goods before it gets locked up. Once you click on the banner to help out the Godfather, you will earn Free FP and the offer will go away. The Godfather is offering these points for one week!

Just click on the banner at the top of the page, then click on “Claim Points.”