Heist Posting and Updates

Hello mobsters! The Godfather has fixed the issue that was preventing your Heist wall posts from appearing on your friends walls. This has been resolved just in time for the “High Risk Banking” heist that went out today. You can click here to get help on the new heist.

In addition, a number of speed improvements have been made in the game. You should be noticing more responsive page loading and faster game actions. The Godfather has also added new achievements to cover the “duplicate” bosses that appear both on the boss page and in your city pages.  Click here for more info on these updates! Thanks mobsters.

7 responses to “Heist Posting and Updates

  1. when are you gonna fix the stockpile filter? ive been paitently waiting for months now and still no filter (i need to organise my stock) and i just sold my new weapons wich use boss items because i didnt need the ones used for attack at the moment and ive lost the weapons i got from old boss battles, for example i just sold AS50 Sniper Rifle wich uses El patrons rifle and lost all my El patrons rifels so if i want to buy the AS50 Sniper Rifle’s again i have to do all those boss batles again :/

  2. I can’t redeem my godfather points, it says the godfather is too busy. I also can’t deposit any of my cash in the bank. please help

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