Latency Problems

The Godfather is currently having trouble getting it together today.  Mob Wars is experiencing extremely slow load times and latency issues that are preventing people from playing normally. We are currently working on resolving this as quickly as possible!

UPDATE: The Godfather is making progress! Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this.

UPDATE 2: The game is now back online! Some players are still reporting slow loading times and we are currently looking into this.

11 responses to “Latency Problems

  1. dear sir/madam my user name is philb69 e mail *removed* im having problems logging on to the mob wars forums could you please sort the problem out so I can log on and use the forums again thanks yours *removed*

  2. I’m still getting constant System Error issues when in the Requests area, both on my PC and Mobile ap.

  3. I have more issues then missing mobsters I can’t deposit money in bank, can’t fight any bosses, it won’t let me start heists on home page, no city heists can’t collect rackets. Everytime I try to use profile points it lets me upgrade maybe 2 then kicks me into a old version of MW. Its really starting to tick me off considering its been weeks and I lose huge money every day cause every person that fights me collect huge cause I can’t deposit

      • i am on my mac and its safari…I have never had this problem to this exstent. I have had delayed loading ish but I CAN’T DO PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING AND ITS REALLY ANNOYING. I can play on my ipod but really I prefer the full version. I have been playing mb for a very long time and I am not impressed at all

      • Oh also add to the long “can’t do list” can’t delete news feed, Can’t change arming, and just today it says error when I try to recruit top mob members….. So clearly its taking me for ever to level up cause I can’t fight bosses and rarely fights at my level….GRRRRRRRRRRR

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