Missing Mobsters

It looks like lots of mobsters are mysteriously missing from the requests dialog of a lot of players accounts!  The Godfather has not made any changes to the organization that would affect Mob sizes, so he is investigating along with Facebook to see what has happened to the missing mobsters. Please email us at mobwars.support@metamoki.com if you notice any change to the mobsters on your gifting list. Thank you!

14 responses to “Missing Mobsters

  1. About half of my family doesn’t show and I apparently am not showing in their gifting window either. Bad enough that *system error* is coming up about 40% of the time… now I am not showing in the fily so not getting my normal gifts sent as well.

  2. very frustrating bad enough when I went from 60+ down to 10 now down to 3 whats going on???????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. By the looks of it most or all of my 1200 mob are shown on the request/send resource page. I can select 50 my mob as usual but when i comfirm the request/send it says “There was a error please try later.” If I then go back to the send/request page it shows i have sent 50 of 100 allowed for that day. Its now getting very annoying as has been happening for weeks

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