New Heist, Missing Mobsters Update

The Godfather is looking to extend his military reach. Intercept a shipment of paramilitary weapons as leverage against rival mobs!

Heist Help –>
Play Mob Wars –>


Missing Mobsters Update:
Facebook has marked this issue as “fix ready”, so we expect it to be resolved very soon. You can follow up on the bug progress here:


12 responses to “New Heist, Missing Mobsters Update

  1. It is indicated ‘Fixed’ on the link. It isn’t. I have fewer mob members today ( only 6 showing up) than the minimal list I had 2 days ago.

  2. Now all of my members are there, but Gifts are not getting through and Requests are not either. I haven’t been able to fill my Top Mob since the fix. That has never happened before.

  3. I have my list restored, but it think I have additional mobsters now. I also keep getting an error message when I try to send gifts, and have not been able to send any gifts for several days.

  4. I am using Mob Wars on Facebook. For some reason I cannot send out more than two requests for energy, money or stamina boosts AND I cannot recruit more than two people at once to join my mob. An error message pops up when I try to do so. This is highly inconvenient. Please fix that!

    Error message says: An error occurred. Please try again later.

    But it does not state what the error is!

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