New Heist, New Pawn Shop Trades!

The Godfather has package that needs to be delivered to a contact in an enemy territory. Make sure it arrives on time to earn the heist payout!
Heist Help –>
Play Mob Wars –>

The Godfather has also added new Pawn Shop trades! Trade in your old boss battle items for skill points. Don’t forget, any items you trade in the pawn shop are destroyed forever, so make sure you can afford to lose your boss battle items before you trade!

The following bosses drop tradable items:

  • Miyoko
  • El Patron
  • La Sombra
  • Heiko
  • El Guapo
  • Vicious Vic
  • Maxine

And finally, Mexico City has become last city to have it’s unlock requirements change. You must now complete 25 job tiers in Amsterdam before you can access Mexico City.  All cities now unlock in order.  For exact unlock requirements, visit the Mob Wars Help page and scroll down to “Unlocking New Cities”.

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