Bug Fixes/Updates!

Greetings mobsters! The Godfather has just recently made the following bug fixes and updates to Mob Wars –


  • Your “My Mob” members page and gifting tab are now both sorted by player activity.  The most active players in your mob will appear at the top of your list, meaning sending gifts to those players will increase the chances of a return! This also makes it easier to prune the dead weight.
  • If you would like to share your “Add Me” link directly with others, the new link is this: https://apps.facebook.com/mobwars/addme/xxxxxx.  Just replace those X’s with your Mob Code (ie. 1a2b3c)
  • Stockpile item upkeep costs are now displayed on mobile devices
  • Made it easier to send and accept Mob Invites on mobile devices
  • Mobile players can now use gifting and send/accept Top Mob requests

Bug Fixes:

  • FB messages now display what request type
  • Mobile Only players now appear in the Friend Selector
  • Players no longer show up under their own family gifting page (ie. gifting to yourself)
  • Mobile tabs now accurately indicate pending requests

Update: New Gifting!

Hello everyone. Today, we launched a new version of Gifting. We had been testing gifting for the past week, you can read up on that in this thread. This new version of Gifting no longer relies on Facebook to handle the requests sent, so things will seem a little different! You can send gifts and mob requests to anyone in your Mob, in your Family, or you are FB Friends with. Mobile players now also have access to gifting. The following issues have been resolved with this version of Gifting:

  • Fixes “system error” when collecting gifts
  • Fixes incomplete lists of mobsters
  • Fixes “invalid” mobsters when sending out gifts/requests
  • Allows for Mobile only players to use the Gifting system
  • Fix for how “My Mob” page displays mobsters
  • Fix for “white screen” issue when you leave MW running for a long time
  • Removed a deprecated gifting page from a few years ago

The biggest immediate downside to this new Gifting is that any “old” gifts that were using Facebook requests will no longer exist. The trade off is that now players should not be experiencing the months long, infuriating results of system errors and invalid sends.

If you have any questions about the new system, or would like to provide any feedback, please click here to visit the Mob Wars forums. Thanks!