Bug Fixes/Updates!

Greetings mobsters! The Godfather has just recently made the following bug fixes and updates to Mob Wars –


  • Your “My Mob” members page and gifting tab are now both sorted by player activity.  The most active players in your mob will appear at the top of your list, meaning sending gifts to those players will increase the chances of a return! This also makes it easier to prune the dead weight.
  • If you would like to share your “Add Me” link directly with others, the new link is this: https://apps.facebook.com/mobwars/addme/xxxxxx.  Just replace those X’s with your Mob Code (ie. 1a2b3c)
  • Stockpile item upkeep costs are now displayed on mobile devices
  • Made it easier to send and accept Mob Invites on mobile devices
  • Mobile players can now use gifting and send/accept Top Mob requests

Bug Fixes:

  • FB messages now display what request type
  • Mobile Only players now appear in the Friend Selector
  • Players no longer show up under their own family gifting page (ie. gifting to yourself)
  • Mobile tabs now accurately indicate pending requests

8 responses to “Bug Fixes/Updates!

  1. i don’t get anything under the my mob tab at all.

    the family tab is not in use order & when i’m half way through gifting a bunch of random names appear replacing the list

    the fb friends tab works, 1/4 of the time at best, mainly its just my mob people that i’m not friends with at all

  2. Clamps, are you ever going to offer a discount (20% off) on hired guns? You used to do this quite regularly, but I haven’t seen one in over a year it seems.

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