Updates: Mugging and Stockpile!

Hello Mobsters!  In addition to today’s Heist, we want to let you know about two other minor changes:

  • Once leveling up New York to level 10, the “Mugging” job cost (and payouts) will revert to 1 energy. This is so that any player in pursuit of a Job achievement is not put at a disadvantage after leveling up the city.
  • A “+” button has been added next to stockpile items on Mob Wars Mobile. Clicking on the “+” button will allow you to purchase items in multiples greater than 1 (up to 100 items at once). This should may purchasing mobile items MUCH more efficient.

If you have any questions or feedback on these changes, please click here to visit the forums to let us know. Happy mobbing!

Booster Weekend and Messages Contest!

Booster Active!

The Godfather has just activated the “PvP fight XP booster” for this booster weekend! Earn bonus XP as you fight other players via the Fight page or their profile page.  Boss Battles still pay out normal xp! When you fight another player, your total earned XP from that fight will be shown, along with the amount that was boosted.

For example, if your total says… “YOU EARNED: 969 (+88)”, that means that you earned 88 extra XP on that fight, bringing your total to 969.  If you have any questions or feedback, shoot us an email at mobwars.support@metamoki.com.

New Messages Contest!

Want to see new player to player messages in the game? Click here to visit the forums and suggest your own messages! If chosen, you can win FP and have your message added to the game forever.

Bug Fix: Untouchable Mobile

Hey mobsters –

There was been a bug in the game that allowed “mobile only” players (players who installed the Mob Wars app on their phones, but who are not connected to Facebook) to attack/rig/list regular Facebook players without getting attacked back. When a FB player tried to retaliate, the game would give a message like “A user must be at least level 5 in order to get punched” or “Both you and the target user must be at least level 50 to rig their ignition”, even if the target player was far above those level ranges.

The issue that caused this should now be fixed in all cases we have found so far. Attacking, Punching, Rigging, and Hitlisting should now all be functional with Mobile Only players.

If you come across any other interactions in the game that returns “Invalid User” or an incorrect level range result, please let us know (mobwars.support@metamoki.com) and we’ll check it out. Thank you!

City Reset: New York!

Hello mobsters! The Godfather has released a new option for the city of New York that allows you to reset all of your job tiers and level up the city. This means you can earn another pile of pawn shop cards, and earn new achievements each time you max out a city level. So, there’s a lot of skill points up for grabs!

Currently, New York is the only city available for the reset option. Based on your feedback, we will be extending the city resets throughout the “old” cities (New York – LA). If you have any questions or feedback, please click here to visit the forums.


Locked Cities? Read Here

Hello mobsters! The Godfather began a process of changing city unlock requirements back in mid 2013 to unlock in sequential order. To unlock any city, you first need to complete 25 job tiers in the previous city. This unlocking sequence has been in place, gamewide, for a few months. Until yesterday, any mobster account that exceeded a certain age was exempt from these new city unlocking requirements. Now, this final change places all players in the game under the same unlock requirements. This progression ensures that all players have the same level of access to cities as they progress through the game.

If you have cities that are now locked, please check your job tier progress to make sure you meet the city unlock requirements.  To view the unlock requirements for each city, visit the help page (https://apps.facebook.com/mobwars/about/help.php) and scroll down to “Unlocking New Cities”.

All progress you have already done in these cities (jobs, bosses, properties, etc) is saved and will appear normally once you unlock the city again. Your city properties are still earning you income and adding to your bounty price.

If you have any questions or concerns, send the Godfather a message at mobwars.support@metamoki.com.

City Unlock Requirement
New York none
Chicago Complete 25 JOB TIERS in New York
London Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Chicago
Vegas Complete 25 JOB TIERS in London
Moscow Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Vegas
Dubai Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Moscow
Shanghai Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Dubai
Tokyo Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Shanghai
Medellin Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Tokyo
Los Angeles Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Medellin
DC Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Los Angeles
Rio Complete 25 JOB TIERS in DC
Palermo Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Rio
Amsterdam Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Palermo
Mexico City Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Amsterdam
Boston Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Mexico City
Paris Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Boston
Baltimore Complete 25 JOB TIERS in Paris

Update: “Mixed” Cities

Hello Mobsters! We have just released a minor update to the game in preparation for a bigger one down the road. Today’s update changed how the “hybrid” cities of Tokyo, Medellin, and LA displayed the “old” and “new” job types.

In the past, these three cities had a link at the bottom that said “Show old jobs.”  Clicking on that link would expand a list of old style jobs for that city. This dropdown link has been removed. Instead, you can now toggle your hybrid cities between “Classic” and “Boss” job types. Functionally, there is no change from the old setup, this is purely a style change.

Additionally, the “Do Tier” job dropdown option now completes only 1 Job Tier. It no longer burns all of your energy if you are in an “old” city or if your job is maxed out.

If you would like to learn more about the next update, or leave any feedback and report issues, please click here to visit our forums.