Update: “Mixed” Cities

Hello Mobsters! We have just released a minor update to the game in preparation for a bigger one down the road. Today’s update changed how the “hybrid” cities of Tokyo, Medellin, and LA displayed the “old” and “new” job types.

In the past, these three cities had a link at the bottom that said “Show old jobs.”  Clicking on that link would expand a list of old style jobs for that city. This dropdown link has been removed. Instead, you can now toggle your hybrid cities between “Classic” and “Boss” job types. Functionally, there is no change from the old setup, this is purely a style change.

Additionally, the “Do Tier” job dropdown option now completes only 1 Job Tier. It no longer burns all of your energy if you are in an “old” city or if your job is maxed out.

If you would like to learn more about the next update, or leave any feedback and report issues, please click here to visit our forums.

7 responses to “Update: “Mixed” Cities

  1. The old “Do Tier” was useful to burn up all energy especially in cities like Boston. Eg: To complete a tier it takes say ~15,000 energy. After collecting the 10 energy gifts I get 4,200 energy. Now it takes a bit of math and fussing to use them all up. Please Boss bring back old “Do tier” as an option. Dropping the 5, 10, 25 do job options and having the old “Do tier”, new “Do tier” and only one city at a time are I feel would be most useful. 🙂

  2. One city at the time is not good.It is for those who play the game energy style to level up othe players like me i like to invest & buy stuff later on.Keeping investing in low cities is realy a crap !!!!! Realy …..

  3. I’ve been playing other apps before like GB or SB & you want to be a mission maker you have the choice to put your points in energy to advance to the next mission.The way you make it it’s like everybody has to follow the same path.I totaly desagree with that,if someone wants to place his p points else than energy, i think it’s the player choice not the devs choice if i may say ….

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